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Stick War Hacked Game (Unblocked) – Play Online For Free 2023

You can now play the Stick War hacked game here for free in your web browser. Stick war hacked can work on any type of device from PC, Chromebook, tablet to mobile. The version below can be played at school or at work.

Stick War is a great Stickman fighting action-adventure game where you are to lead your nation to victory against other surrounding cruel nations that will want to attack your village. You must defend your nation at all costs and mobilize your soldiers and miners to achieve the best results. They won’t be a respite for your nation until the enemy fortress is defeated.

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Story, gameplay and features

As the leader of the Order nation, your nation appears distasteful to the surrounding kingdom, this makes them see your nation as unfriendly, and are now waging war against the land of Order. You are now left with no other option than to fight the evil ones.

There are four classes in the game: The Archidonis, the Magikill, the Swordwrath, and the Speartons – each class has its distinctive battle ability. To sustain your War against the enemy, you must produce at least eight miners. Their responsibility is to mine gold for their nation which you can thereafter use to acquire any of the four classes of soldiers in the game.

Each class of soldier cost differently. Among the four, Speartons are the strongest, followed by Magikill. You just have to know the right unit to deploy in the battle at the right time. If you come under heavy siege from the enemy, you can retreat to your camp while the reinforcement units will come in.

In each level of the game, the Objective is to train your infantry units and take down or destroy the enemy stronghold. Are you already finding the game difficult to play? Don’t worry, this version here is hacked so all features, enhancements, money, etc. are unlocked for you.

Conquer all the enemy nations around you and become the new Alexander the Great!


  • Use the left/right arrow key to view the area
  • Use your mouse to point and click on the commands

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