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Raft Wars Unblocked Game [No Flash] – Play Online For Free


Raft Wars is an epic turn-based battle HTML5 game where the player character must protect his newly discovered treasure Island from cruel pirates, gangs, and Vikings. The player is equipped with a raft and tennis ball which he must use to aim and hit his enemies. The first player to completely damage the other player’s health or push any from the platform or ship into the river wins the game.


You will unlock items like rockets, grenades, and raft upgrades when you make the most strategic shots. More challenging and strategy-required levels will be unlocked as you progress in the game. Raft Wars unblocked game can be played online for free at home, at school, or at work. No download needed, or plugin installation required before you can run this web browser unblocked game.

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Where to play Raft Wars unblocked game

It’s very easy to play Raft Wars online game on your device. Below you will find the button to play the game. Don’t forget that Raft Wars can both be played on a PC or mobile web! Lastly, make sure your internet connection is strong and also use a good web browser.


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The gameplay is very simple. Simply drag your shot and release it to shoot your enemies. Before releasing your shot, you must time the right distance your ball must travel before hitting the target. For PC players use your mouse to drag and shoot, while for mobile, use your touchscreen to drag and shoot.

Will you give away your newly discovered treasure easily to the bad guys without a duel? Begin your adventure now and send these pirates to where they belong.

Enjoy and have fun playing Raft Wars unblocked game!


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