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Donkey Kong Unblocked Game – Play Online For Free

Donkey Kong is Nintendo’s 1981 arcade platform game where the player controls Mario who is on a mission to rescue Pauline from the cruel gorilla (Donkey Kong). To achieve this, Mario must dodge and jump over barrels thrown by the monster as he tries to climb atop the construction site to save his girlfriend.

Initially made exclusively for hand-held consoles, you can now play the Donkey Kong unblocked game right from your web browser. You can play the game for free at home, school, or at work. Note that Donkey Kong is not yet available for the mobile web, so play this game using your PC.

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Where to play Donkey Kong unblocked game

A direct link to play the unblocked Donkey Kong game is provided below. A strong network connection along with a modern web browser is necessary to play this game without problems. Play the game now!

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It appears that Pauline is being held hostage by Donkey Kong on top of the construction site. You must evade several obstacles launched by this beast to save Pauline. Use the following keys to control Mario.


  • Move – Left/right arrow keys
  • Climb up/down – Down/up arrow keys
  • Jump – Spacebar

Maneuver through the hurdles and save Pauline from this vicious monster. Good luck on your quest and have fun playing Donkey Kong!

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