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War Games Unblocked To Play Online At School For Free (2023)

Looking for some cool unblocked war games to play on a PC or Chromebook at school or even at work? I have carefully handpicked a few of them here, which you can enjoy whenever you are bored. Also, you only need to play these games on your web browser. No downloading or plugin installation is necessary. Most games below don’t support full enhancements on mobile devices or tablets, so use a PC or Chromebook.

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List of War Games Unblocked

While the list may be few, I will draft out the best for you.

1: Battleship War

Battleship war is an excellent battleship war game, where players put their intellectual ability to a test. The objective is to find and destroy hidden enemy battleships, submarines and frigates, by correctly guessing their correct spot on the board. The first player to successfully eliminate all the opponent’s warships wins the game. The gameplay is pretty simple, use your mouse or touch any spot in the area and see your ship immediately launch a missile in that direction.

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2: Age of War

Age of War is yet another unblocked war game you can spend your free time on at school. You are to wage war against your enemies and successfully defeat them. Meanwhile, your castle can still come under siege by the enemies, so try to be prepared for the enemy offensive too. Raising money for the kingdom is also vital in soldier production, the building of more lethal weapons, and the enhancement of your military. Gain more XP points through enemy kills to advance to a new level.

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3: Warfare 1917

Warfare 1917 is a typical WW1 war game. In this game, you are assigned the task of a general. As the general, you must deploy your troops to battle and try to lead them to victory. Move from trench to trench and try to conquer your foes. Use mortar attacks to wreak great damage on the enemy troops. Use your mouse to control the actions in the game.

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4: Blockpost

Blockpost is a 3D shooting war game where players all around the globe enter real-time online battles against each other. You just have to pick your preferred weapon and get entered into the battle. What makes the gameplay, fascinating is that you tend to meet several online players with different abilities. You will also enjoy the decent 3D angles of the game.

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Blockpost also provides a wide range of weapons for players to use like knives, snipers, machine guns, grenades and many more. If you have a mouse with you, why not begin your campaign now.

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5: Stick War

Stick War is one of the best unblocked Stickman online games you can play for free at school. This epic unblocked war game takes you through a series of conflicts where you must strive to bring peace to the nations by waging battles against your enemies. As the leader of your nation, defend your kingdom with all your abilities and maintain total domination in all nations.

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