Google Doodle Baseball unblocked

Google Doodle Baseball Unblocked [66] – Play Here For Free!

Are you looking for a fun online game to kill your boredom at school or work? Then check out the amazing Google Doodle Baseball game. Just like a traditional baseball game, you are to hit the baseball with your bat, while using your mouse as the control. Google Doodle Baseball or 4th of July Baseball is very simple to play, always try to make the most of the few strikes provided for you.

This game works well on all devices (PC, mobile and tablet). No special plugin needed to play the game or download is necessary, all you need is just a good web browser and an internet connection.

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Play Google Doodle Baseball Now!

Remember you don’t need to download this game before playing. play online now with your browser!

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Features and how to play

Not so many features are packed in this game, everything is just made simple. You will find the characters in the game from popular products like peanuts, hot dogs and peanuts. You are only given 3 strikes to make and the game will end. The team with the most runs after the three-shot wins the game. Always time when to execute a strike in order to get a good hit on the ball.

Everything is made simple for you in this game, use your mouse to control the whole action. The action is endless, so enjoy your time playing and have fun!

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