Retro Goal Unblocked game

Retro Goal Unblocked Game [911] – Play For Free Now!

Are you searching for the Retro Goal unblocked game to play at school? Then you just stumbled at the right spot.

Retro Goal is an old and great football game. You can play the game with a friend in any tournament of your choice. All you need is to pick a national side that you represent and begin your footballing career. The graphics of the game is top-notch for a game of that generation. The 2D camera view of the game is also decent.

Also, since the version of Retro Goal provided here is unblocked, the game can be played anytime at school or at the workplace. No plugin installation is necessary before playing.

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Play Retro Goal Now!

All you need to play Retro Goal is a web browser. Make sure you’re playing on a PC or Chromebook to enjoy the full functionality of the game. Play now!

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Features and how to play

Retro Goal comes with many excellent specs. Before starting the game, you can choose from a host of national teams like Germany, Nigeria, Argentina, Russia, Brazil, Portugal, etc. The control buttons can also be edited and set to any button of your desire. There’s also a save data feature to save your progress in the game and load it whenever you want.

You can slide your opponents, pass the ball, cross and also shoot. If the game ends in a tie, you can either decide to retry or proceed to penalties. The winner of the shoot-out advances to the next round of the tournament while the loser is eliminated.

Play to the max and have fun!

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