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LOLBeans Unblocked – Play Online At School Now!


LOLBeans is a fun to play multiplayer online game. Just like Fall Guys, Fall Beans and Stumble Guys, players in this game are to challenge other runners by trying to beat the time and reach the finish line. During this period they must try to overcome the gruesome obstacles that awaits them at different stages of the game. During gameplay a number of players will be eliminated until the final one remains.


The graphics, sound and gameplay of this game is great, along with simple an intuitive controls. The LOL Beans game provided below has been unblocked for you to enjoy the game at school or work for free without fear of blockers. Fall Beans can also be played on a PC, mobile Chromebook, or a tablet device. NO downloading! NO plugin installation!

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Play LOLBeans unblocked game now!

You only need your browser and an internet connection to enjoy this amazing multiplayer game seamlessly. Play below.


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LOLBeans allows you to customize your character skin colour to any colour of your choice. However, some of the colours are locked and need to be purchased with real-world money to get them. Tens of new character skins are also available and can be purchased from coins earned through gameplay.


Before starting the game, you can set a name for your character and perform other customizations. For the controls, use the arrow keys to move your player left\right & up\down, while using the Space-bar to jump. However, you can also customize the control buttons to any key that is most convenient for you.

Can you beat other players to the finish line in this near to endless-running multiplayer game? Whichever way, enjoy and have fun!

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