Short Life Unblocked Online Game [WTF] – Play At School For Free

Short Life is an adrenaline-inducing physics-based platform game. In this game, timing is very very crucial to your success. You must be very fast in careful with your moves. Using your Ragdoll character, you must escape the deadly spikes, traps and many obstacles if you’re to advanced in the game. Short Life is full of turns and twists so you should expect increasing difficulty as you play.

As a very popular and outstanding game, I have now provided the unblocked version of the game for you where you can play it freely at school or work without worrying about blockers. Short Life unblocked game works on all device types. (Computer, tablet, & mobile).

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Where to play Short Life Unblocked game

Below you will find the unblocked Short Life game. No special requirement is needed inorder to play the game. All you need is an internet connection and you’re set. Play now for free!

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The more you play this game the more deadly the levels become. You all have to watch out for mines, spikes, and many more. While the game only offers as few as 16 levels, you will find them very engaging and long to complete. The fun in this game is unreal, although it’s not recommended for people of young age due to the bloody and brutal nature of the game.

Always be quick and precise in your decisions while adhering to the instructions provided for you in the game as you play. Enjoy your time playing this ragdoll physics game and have fun!


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