Hobo Prison Brawl Unblocked

Hobo Prison Brawl Unblocked Game For School [WTF] – Play For Free

Like the name of the game, players are to play as prison inmates and must engage in brawls with other prisoners and guards in the penitentiary. During this time, you can master the new art of fighting and use combos to stun your rivals. Players can punch, kick and even grab and throw objects like chairs on enemies. The more you play this action game, the more fascinating it gets.

If you’re bothered about blockers, worry no more. You can play Hobo Prison Brawl unblocked game now without limits for free at school or work on your PC, tablet or mobile device. Although Hobo Prison Brawl works flawlessly when being played on a computer. No download or plugin installation is necessary before playing this game.

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Where to play Hobo Prison Brawl Unblocked Game

A good internet connection is very necessary to enjoy this game very well. Use the button below to play the game now for free.

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It’s very easy to play this game on your device. You’re also given the option to choose the level of difficulty that you want from Easy, Medium to Hard. After completing any level in the game, you will unlock a new combo. You can use the combo by pressing the corresponding keys subsequently when fighting an inmate or prison guard. The Controls in the game as well are pretty simple to master.

To unlock a new level, you have to beat all the prison inmates (whether hostile or not) along with the guards. Remember the goal is to escape from the place, so do everything possible to achieve that.


  • Move – arrow keys
  • Punch – A
  • Kick – S
  • Grab & throw chairs – A

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