Strike Force Heroes unblocked

Strike Force Heroes Unblocked Game At School [No Flash] – Play Now!

Strike Force Heroes is an action-shooter adventure game. It all began when you were sent to a hidden facility to help a scientist whose experiment yielded a different and bad substance from enemies who are trying to abduct him. Interestingly, the game provides you with a lot of weapons to bash enemies.

Play Strike Force Heroes unblocked now on your PC, mobile, or tablet for free. You do not need to worry about blocking since the game is unblocked already for you. Note that this game doesn’t work on the mobile web.

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Where to play Strike Force Heroes unblocked

Strike Force Heroes is a flash game. However, you don’t need to download the game. Play below for free on your browser!

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Battle your way through a series of intense levels in this deadly match-style shooting game! Explore the lab rooms and narrow paths as you seek to defend yourself against your masked foes.

Take down many enemies as possible and see how far you can go in this massive shooting action game.


  • Movement – WASD
  • Shoot – Right-click
  • Change weapon – Q
  • Special mode – E
  • Reload – R

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