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Leader Strike Unblocked Game [76] – Play Online For Free

Leader Strike is a cool and awesome online game where world leaders lockhorns for world dominance. You’re given the choice of choosing your hero from any real world leader like Trump, George Bush, Putin, Barack Obama and many others. You earn more popularity points and rewards when you eliminate other enemy politicians.

The gameplay, aesthetics, and graphics of this game is amazing. You’re also given vast number of guns for war. Remember, the more kill you get, the more you uplift your status in the game. Leader Strike unblocked online game can be played anywhere, anytime for free, with no limitation.

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Where to play Leader Strike unblocked game

Since this game is HTML5, download is not necessary. Just open your browser and enjoy the action. Lastly, Leader Strike is not fully optimised for the mobile web, so to get full enhancements, play this game on a computer. Play now!

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In a bid to gain power and popularity in the world, you must shoot down opposing forces. You can be Putin, Kim Jun Un or any leader. Be very careful during battles as your enemies will try hard too to kill you. Choose any gun of your choice and begin your quest for power.


  • Move – WASD
  • Right-click – Shoot
  • Left-click – Zoom in/out
  • Jump – Space
  • Walk – Shift
  • Crouch – C
  • Reload – R
  • Chat – Y
  • Change weapon – 123

Have fun and enjoy your time playing the game.

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