Black Guy Subway Surfers

Black Guy Subway Surfers: Info & How to unlock


Developed by Kiloo and SYBO Games in 212, Subway Surfers have become one of the most popular endless runner games on mobile devices. With its exciting gameplay and stellar graphics coupled with tens of fascinating characters, the game has become one of the top endless runners for mobile with love a billion downloads on Google Play.


Among these exciting characters is – the Black Guy subway surfers. One might be wondering who is this very black guy in Subway Surfers. Well, it’s actually Fresh. Fresh is a very popular black character in Subway Surfers. Let’s see more about him below.

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Black Guy Subway Surfers – Fresh

Fresh as a character in the game loves listening to music, particularly the ones from the 80s. He is always seen with his boombox. He also dresses as a typical 80s guy with his green T-shirt, brown shorts, and large thick glasses. Several updates in the game have however changed the player’s appearance and outfit.


Do you love Fresh the black guy in Subway Surfers? Here’s how to unlock him.

How to unlock Black Guy Subway Surfers

Unlocking Fresh the black guy in Subway Surfers is not really difficult. You can unlock him by collecting 50 Fresh Steroe tokens during gameplay.

Black Guy Subway Surfers (Fresh) Gallery


How to download Subway Surfers

Downloading Subway Surfers is very easy. Depending on your device OS you just have to go to your respective app stores to get them

For Android, you can download the Subway Surfers game here on Google Play. For iOS, you can download it here on the App Store.


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