Naruto NG online unblocked game

Naruto NG Online game [Unblocked] – Play Here Now!

Naruto NG is a retro adventure fighting game featuring the popular series character Naruto. The beginning of the game sees an unknown assailant murder Sakura. Naruto, seeing this, vows to avenge her death and kill anyone responsible for her demise. Now you must find Sakura’s murderer. But then, you will face a series of bad guys on the way. You must try to eliminate them as they come your way.

Naruto NG is full of electrifying moments to give you the perfect gaming experience. You can enjoy this fighting online game at school or work whenever you are free from activities. The game is free and can be played right in your web browser without needing to download it. However, it is recommended you play this game on a PC other than mobile to get the full enhancements.

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Play Naruto NG now!

No download needed! No plugin installation required! Play now for free.

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Features and how to play

Hit with a Kunai on the head, Naruto is now crazy and desperately needs revenge. Most enemies are fought with melee and one on one. The enemies become stronger as you advance. The sound and game quality are also nice. Players can also perform combos by pressing the corresponding buttons.

Make your enemies pay for their evil and avenge Sakura’s death. Enjoy and have fun!


  • Left\right arrow to move
  • W to attack
  • A for strong attack
  • D for quick attack
  • S to throw Kunai
  • Double tab up arrow to jump

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