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Fall Beans is a fun and competitive multiplayer game where you are to control a bean character. Your objective is to evade several obstacles along the path while trying to get to the finish line. Fall Beans share similar gameplay mechanics to Stumble Guys and Fall Boys. In this game, you risk being eliminated from the race if you fail to reach the end point in time.


Fall Beans also features a decent 2D camera view where you will see all the action as it happens. A new chapter in the game will be unlocked if you qualify on reaching the goal. Unfortunately, you will be returned to the initial level of the game if you are disqualified at any stage of the game.

The game can be played on a PC, mobile, tablet, and Chromebook. It has also been unblocked so you can play it at school, work or at home for free. No downloading! No plugin installation!

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Play Fall Beans Now!

You can now enjoy the unblocked Fall Beans game now for free on your browser. Use the button below to play!


Obstacles come differently at different points and levels in the game. Some obstacles need to be evaded while some must be solved. It gets even more complicated as you advance in the game. The controls are kinda simple and shouldn’t give you much time to master.


Show off your best running and timing skills as you look to become the new Fall Beans hero. Enjoy and have fun!


  • Use the arrow keys to control the movement of the character
  • Jump using the Space-bar

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