Whack The Thief

Whack The Thief Unblocked Game At School [WTF] – No Flash


Whack The Thief is yet another whack game where you are to inflict a series of injuries to a thief who has come to your home to rob. Just like the Whack Your Boss unblocked game, you are to use any possible objects in your room to strike the thief. Object like knives, sword, golf clubs, etc., can be used to whack the robber.


There is no difficulty in the game. You just play as a child and try to kill the thief in many different ways. Whack the Thief is free and can be played at school as the game has been filtered from blockers. No need to worry about downloading or installing any plugin. Just play on your web browser for free.

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Whack The Thief Unblocked Game

Play Whack the Thief unblocked game now for free. The game works on all device types. (PC, mobile, tablet, Chromebook)


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While playing games on your console, an unlikely person sneaks in with the motive of robbing. You’re to defend yourself from the burglar and do anything possible to foil his ambition and eventually kill him in one of the most vicious ways.

Whack the Thief is very easy to play, simply use your mouse to touch any of the whacking objects and see your character performing the show. There’s no requirement set for you in the game so play as you like and have fun!

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