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Jacksmith Unblocked Game [No Flash] – Play Online For Free

Did your school block access to the Jacksmith game? Below you will find the Jacksmith unblocked game that you can directly play online for free at school or work on your computer. Since the game no longer supports flash, it may not work optimally for mobile devices.

Jacksmith is a cool strategy online RPG game in which players assume the role of a crafty donkey who must blacksmith a vast number of weapons for his warriors. Everything in regard to the blacksmithing of the swords is up to you. You can choose your mold, ore, how to construct, and the design. The success of your warriors in battles is heavily dependent on how good the weapons you crafted for them. A poorly made weapon means you might lose out the battle to your enemy, so always craft the best arsenal for your men.

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Where to play Jacksmith unblocked game

All you need to enjoy this exciting war game is to have a good internet connection. Chrome, Edge, etc, are recommended browsers for full enhancements.


An evil wizard along with his monster cohorts are waging war against your kingdom. You must now forge sharp and powerful swords that your men will use in the battle to slay these vicious creatures. As you progress through the campaign, you will find new weapon parts, ores, and even new weapon designs.

Aside from making swords, you can also forge bows, arrows, battle axes, and other weapons. Before you enter any level, your scout will update you on the type of enemy you’re to face and the type of weapon design to be deployed.

The adventure in this strategy game is endless. Can you guide your men to victory by making the best swords? Play the Jacksmith unblocked game now to find out!

For the controls, use your mouse to control the actions in the game. Enjoy and have fun.

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