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Eggy Car Unblocked Game [76, 66] – Play Online For Free

Eggy Car is a fun and casual HTML5 game where the player controls a car with an egg, with which the player must climb and overcome disturbing hills to reach the purported finish point without crashing the egg inside the car. The game automatically comes to an end if the egg drops to the ground.

While driving the egg through the hills, there are collectible coins that you can pick. The coins can be used to purchase more powerful and durable cars in the game. The total number of vehicles in the game is 5, with which 1 comes as the default car, while the other 4 are locked and can be purchased with coins.

As an ultimate boredom killer, Eggy Car unblocked game can be played at home, school, or work to contain your idleness. Also, the game runs with complete enhancements on both PC and mobile devices. Use any of the buttons below to play the game.

Where to play Eggy Car unblocked game

Much ain’t required to play this game. But make sure your connection is strong and that you’re also using a durable web browser like Chrome or Firefox.


For PC players, use the D key to accelerate your car and A to accelerate backward. For mobile devices, use the right/left accelerate button to accelerate and accelerate backward respectively.

This game requires time and patience, so limit your speed and carefully move your car. A particular bonus, when picked in the game, glues the egg to your car which will help you to cover more distance without letting your egg tip over while driving.

Shake off your boredom by playing this fascinating web browser car game. Enjoy and have fun!

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