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Rocket League Unblocked Game WTF [No Flash] – Play Online At School

Rocket League is a fun sports & driving online game where players are seen playing soccer while driving a car with the aim of scoring their opponent. It’s a very amusing game as you’re to control the ball with your car while you guide it pass your opponent into the net. There are championship tournaments in the game and task that rewards you with new and durable cars when you win or complete them.

If you’re idle and need something to keep your head up, then Rocket League unblocked game is sure to give you that. You can play this game at home, school, or work anytime you want. No need to download the game or install any plugin before you can run it on your computer.

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Where to play Rocket League Unblocked Game

Below you will find a direct link to play this exhilarating browser game. Rocket can be accessed on both PC and mobile web. Lastly, a good strong connection along with good web browser is needed to play this game without problems. Play now!

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You’re to guide the ball to the opposing goal to score a goal. The team to score the highest point wins the game. The game also comes with several powerful hybrid cars you can chose from before entering a match. Coins earned after completing a task can be used to modify your cars.

Can you become the ultimate Rocket League champion? Play the game now to find out.


  • Use Arrow keys or WASD to steer your car
  • Use Shift to apply Nitro
  • Spacebar to Jump
  • F to control camera view

Enjoy and have fun!

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