Duck Life 2 unblocked

Duck Life 2 Unblocked [WTF] – Play For Free Without Flash

Duck Life 2 is the second title in the Duck Life game series. Just like the first game, you’re to enter racing competitions with other ducklings, but this iteration comes new features, and challenging levels. Train your duck in several ways and win races in the game to become world champion. During gameplay, you can collect coins to help you upgrade duckling to become more efficient.

Are you currently idle? Play Duck Life 2 unblocked on your PC at school or work for free with your browser. No download needed! No plugin installation required!

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Where to play Duck Life 2 unblocked game

Tap on the button below to play the unblocked Duck Life 2 game for free. Only an internet connection is required. Note that this game doesn’t work on the mobile web. Play now!

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After picking coins, don’t forget to spend them on your Duck upgrade so they can compete in the increasing difficulty of the game. Before starting any events in the game, you can opt for the training option to master the mechanics of the game.

Guide your duck to victory and become world champion!


  • Jump – Up Arrow key
  • Flight – left/right arrow keys to guide the flying duck

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