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Unicycle Hero Unblocked Game For School [66, 76,] – Play Online For Free


Unicycle Hero is a fun and awesome Olympic arcade game where players show off their stunning unicycle skills in several events of the game. To successfully complete a level, you must control your character by trying to maintain his balance on the unicycle and then throw the object you’re holding. It’s game over if you lose balance and fall off your unicycle.

So are you currently bored at school?, And need something to keep you engaged?, Then the Unicycle Hero unblocked game is all you need. This game can be played at home, school, or at work for free on any device ranging from your computer, mobile device or Chromebook. No download needed! No plugin installation required!

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Where to play Unicycle Hero unblocked game

You can now play this epic game using the link below. Make sure you’re using a strong internet connection along with a good web browser. Play now!


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The game comes with nine challenging events or levels which the difficulty increases as you advance. As a newbie, there’s a practice mode available where you can learn how to balance your Unicycle and some quick guides about the game before you can enter the Compete or Career mode.

Remember you must complete all the events to become the undisputed champion of the game. Enjoy and have fun!


  • Use Spacebar to throw
  • Arrow keys to move

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