Papa's Freezeria unblocked game

Papa’s Freezeria Unblocked [No Flash] – Play For Free Now!

Papa’s Freezeria is a cool and fun-to-play idle game. You are given a summertime job of making delicious cakes ordered by customers. Your duty now is to receive the orders from the customers and then make delicious cakes according to the requirements of the clients. After completing your order, you will then be paid money for your service.

However, this is hugely dependent on the score you receive from the cake made. If the cake receives a good point percentage, you will be paid, but if it fails to meet the customer’s demands, you will be paid little or nothing. Papa’s Freezeria unblocked game is available for free on any type of device (PC, Chromebook, mobile, tablet). No need to worry about blockers! Papa’s Freezeria can be played at home, school or at work on your computer.

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Play Papa’s Freezeria unblocked now!

You only need a mouse and a web browser to enjoy this game without limits. Play now for free!

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Features and how to play

Much ain’t required from you in the game, you just have to follow the order description from the clients in order to make sweet cakes. Receive or write down orders from ORDER station and then head over to the BUILD station. There you can now make and add the basic ingredients needed for the cake. When done, you can now move to the MIX station where you will have to mix the ingredient. After the mixing, you can then enter the TOP station where you will just need to add little stuffs to complete your order.

When done, click finish to process the order to the customer. You will then be scored and paid according to point earned from the cake production.

In the beginning you can either choose to be Alberto or Penny, whichever character you may choose, try to make the best cakes for the population to increase your rank in the game. Enjoy and have fun!

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