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Dead Zed Unblocked Game For School [No Flash] – Play Now


Dead Zed is an action shooter online zombie game where players are to kill dreaded and enormous waves of zombies and protect their farm. You can also navigate through the neighbourhoods and search for weapons and survivors. Survivors can also be tasked to defend as well. before you begin the game, there’s a tutorial mode to guide you on the gameplay and basics of the game.


Play Dead Zed unblocked game now for free at school or work without limitations. No need to download or install the game. all you need is an internet connection with your browser.

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Where to play Dead Zed unblocked game

Use the button provided below to play this game for free. No need to worry about blockers as the game has already been unblocked for you. Play now for free.



It’s very simple to play Dead Zed. The game comes with intuitive controls to easily master the gameplay. Can you survive the 40 days of zombie apocalypse and defend your farm? All you need in this game is provided for you. Use your rifle to kill the horde of zombies. Don’t forget to search for weapons in the area to help you in your quest. Also, rescue survives to increase your score.

Enjoy and have fun!


  • use the mouse to aim and shoot
  • R to reload
  • F to change fire mode
  • 1,2 to change fire modes
  • M to mute
  • ESC to move to the menu

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