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Bloxorz Unblocked Game [66, 77] – Play Online For Free

Bloxorz unblocked game

Bloxorz is a popular block browser game in which players try to move the block to fall into the square hole. While it might appear literally easy, the game becomes hard to complete in practice as it requires great thinking and logic to solve the challenging block puzzle. To aid you during gameplay, hints are provided to help you solve the puzzle.

You will lose the game if you let the block fall off the edge while trying to roll it into the square hole. So to achieve success, use the best possible routes. Bloxorz unblocked game is free to play at school or work on your computer without restriction. No download needed! No plugin required as well!

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Where to play Bloxorz Unblocked game

Note that Bloxorz is incompatible with the mobile web. Play this game using a PC. Also, make sure you’re using a good web browser like Chrome, Edge, or Firefox to enjoy this game. Use the button below to play the game.

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Use your arrow keys to move the block to the colored tile area. Watch your line so you don’t fall off the edge as the level will be restarted if this happens. You will also find bridges and switches in many levels of the game. You activate the switches when you press on them with your block.

Mind you, each switch behaves differently when activated. Finally, each level in the game comes with a passcode which is located in the top right corner. Make sure you keep that to memory!

With 33 engaging and challenging stages to complete, you’re sure to have one of the best puzzle experiences that will keep your brain in question throughout the campaign.

Can you become a Bloxorz game pro? Play now to test your logic skills!

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