Cool Math games unblocked 66

Cool Math Games Unblocked 66: Play At School For Free!

Want to rejuvenate your basic arithmetic skills, and test your IQ? My list today will imclude some of the best Cool math games unblocked 66 for all age grades, particularly kids and teens. Since the games are unblocked, you can access them right in your school without limitations.

The games will include puzzle games, strategy games, math games, and other logic and thinking games. Before I list out some of the games, let’s, first of all, get a brief info about the Cool Math games website.

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Cool Math Games unblocked 66 site

Cool Math games is an online game website that provides Flash and HTML5 games mostly for kids and teens. The site provides several games that are beneficial for children and young adults. Their games typically contain little to no violence which is why the site has been lauded for being the best educational game sites for the young.

Well, enough of the long talk let’s now get started on the games.

List of Cool Math games unblocked 66

1: Fall Puzzle 66

Fall Puzzle 66

Fall Puzzle 66 is a brain-teasing jigsaw game. This puzzle game tests your basic IQ on little problem-solving. To play this game, simply use your mouse to drag and drop the little puzzles into place to form the unified whole in the image below.

If the pieces of puzzles are placed in the right positions they will auto-click into it. Fall Puzzle 66 has three difficulty levels – Easy, Medium & Hard. Depending on your ability level, you can select the difficulty that you feel is better for you and begin your problem-solving experience. A direct link to play the game is provided below.

2: TRIVIA: What Country Is That? Vol. 1

TRIVIA: What Country Is That? Vol. 1

While the title might look like a question, this game is a fun and tantalizing quiz game for kids, teens, and adults. TRIVIA: What Country Is That? Vol. 1 puts your geographic skills to a teasing test. You will have to suggest the right country that is displayed on the map.

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Note that this game doesn’t give you all the time in the world to pick the correct country. A countdown timer is running down and you will forfeit that question if you fail to pick an answer before it elapses. What’s the longest streak you can go in this epic Cool math 66 unblocked game? Play now to find out.

3: Maze Challenge

Maze Challenge

Maze Challenge is a strategy maze game where you’re to navigate your way to the blue square as quickly as possible. You must be quick but precise in every step you take. This game will not only put your strategy skills to a test but also kill your boredom at school.

Let’s see if you can complete the maze without taking any extra steps.

4: Draw The Hill

Draw The Hill

Draw The Hill is a simple yet challenging car game where you are to draw the path of your car and avoid the large pipes to go far in the game. The path you draw for your car will go a long way to determine if you will cover a long distance in the game.

Simply use your mouse or screen to make a drawn road for your car. Be careful not to fall off the platform too.

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5: Code Panda

Code Panda

In this puzzle game, players are to click on the center of the screen to switch between the coding area and the panda’s map. The objective is to guide the panda to collect bamboo. To do this, simply set the right location of the map using the up, down, left & right arrow keys representing the four cardinal points.

When done with the coding setup, tap the red button with the inscription “WHEN RUN” to make the panda move towards the assigned location. It’s game over if your configuration doesn’t result in the panda collecting the bamboo.

More Cool Math unblocked games unblocked 66


That’s the little I can cover now on the Cool math games unblocked 66. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or a a casual one, this list surely has something thrilling for you. What’s left now from you? Go ahead and enjoy any of the games.

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