WTF Social Bundle

Get 500MB For 100 With Glo WTF Social Bundle Plan


The grandmasters of data have introduced a new social media bundle plan called Glo WTF Bundle.


The Glo WTF bundle is a social media bundle that allows Glo customers to get huge social media data for a small fee. The WTF social bundle supports Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp only.

The plan offers a whopping 500MB for just 100, 200MB for 50, and 100MB for 25.

Another interesting part about the bundle is that all Glo customers both new and old are eligible for the WTF social bundle. No new or existing customer story, unlike Airtel where its 500MB for 100 is based on eligibility.


How To Activate The Glo WTF Social Bundle Plan

To simply get started with the Glo WTF Social Bundle,

Dial *777# on your Glo SIM card, select Data > Social bundle > WTF bundle and select your preferred plan.

On confirmed subscription, minimize and enjoy.


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