9mobile 150MB Free Daily Cheat

How To Activate 9mobile 150MB Free Daily Cheat

If you are not a 9mobile user, you are missing out a lot. 9mobile users can now enjoy a whopping 150MB of free data daily.

The 150MB is not a data bonus from 9mobile to its customers or whatsoever, but it’s a trick, a loophole discovered from 9mobile. You can use the data to browse, download and even go as much as using the data to stream videos.

Just to add, MTN free daily 100MB cheat is still blazing here

As most of us know very well, most cheats or most of the cheats we post here are powered or aided by a VPN. This implies that the 9mobile 150MB free daily cheat is powered by a VPN. So, therefore, we will be using a VPN to set it up.

Let’s quickly run through the basic requirements on how to activate the 9mobile 150MB cheat.

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Requirements On How To Activate The 9mobile 150MB Free Daily Cheat

  • A registered and valid 9mobile SIM card
  • A smartphone
  • A good 4G network coverage. Works only on 4G network
  • EC Tunnel Pro VPN. This is the VPN that we will be using to power the cheat

After meeting the above basic conditions, kindly read below to see how to activate the free cheat.

How To Activate 9mobile Free Daily Cheat

As easy as, simply download EC Tunnel VPN from the Google play store, download it here. After downloading the VPN, simply launch it and set it as instructed below.

On the homepage of the EC Tunnel Pro VPN, tap tweaks and select or chose 9MOBILE 4G 150MB/Day. After that, tap the big black button above and wait for it to connect within seconds.

Use the image as a guide to the above explanation

On successfully connection, minimize and start surfing the net.

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