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Airtel Social Bundle Cheat For All Airtel Customers

All Airtel customers can now enjoy the Airtel social bundle cheat. Before now, the only available Airtel social bundle data was designated for eligible customers.

The social media bundle allows you to get a whopping 500MB for just 100 which is valid for 30 days. But the social media bundle data was strictly on eligibility. Meaning that only some Airtel customers are entitled to the social media data bundle.

Check out how to activate the Airtel 500MB for 100, maybe you will be eligible.

Meanwhile, for those who will not be eligible for the 500MB for 100, let’s quickly see how we can activate this other social bundle data which is available for all Airtel customers.

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As you all know, social media data can only be used on social media networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. You can’t use the data to browse on the web, download, or stream videos on YouTube.

That’s why we will be making use of a VPN. The VPN will be used to power the social media data in a way that you can use the social media data to browse on the web, download, or stream videos on YouTube. That’s why it’s called “Cheat”

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The social media bundle offers 200MB data for 100 and 400MB for 200 which is valid for 5 days. Whereas the other social media data gives you 500MB for 100 and a longer validity period.

Requirements For Airtel Social Bundle Cheat

As earlier said or stated above, this particular Airtel social bundle data is for all Airtel subscribers. This implies that all Airtel users are eligible to purchase the data. Let quickly jump to the basic requirements before getting or activating the data.

  • A registered and valid Airtel SIM card
  • A smartphone
  • A credit or an airtime balance of at least 100 or 200
  • Combo VPN. (Install Combo VPN here). This is the VPN that we will be using to set up the social bundle data so you can browse on your favorite sites

How To Activate Or subscribe To Airtel Social Bundle

The USSD code for Airtel social bundle is *688#. So to buy or subscribe for the Airtel social bundle, simply dial the code *688# on your phone. Follow the onscreen prompt to subscribe to any of the social bundle packages.

After purchasing the social bundle data, read below to see how to activate the Airtel social bundle cheat using the Combo VPN.

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How To Activate The Airtel Social Bundle Cheat: Combo VPN Settings

To activate the Airtel social bundle cheat I will be using the Combo VPN.

To get started with the Airtel cheat settings, simply launch the Combo VPN and configure it as follows.

  • Launch the app and tap on COMBO SETTING
  • After that, >Toggle Stealth Tunnel ON/OFF
  • Tap Connection Protocol > set it as > SSL
  • Set Connection Port as > 443
  • After that move to > Advanced SSL Settings > Toggle it ON
  • And tap Edit SSL Settings
  • Tick > True SSL (Anti DPI)
  • Tick > Spoof Host: Port
  • In the Spoof Host input > whatsapp.net
  • In the Spoof Port input > 443
  • After that, tap OK, and SAVE it.

After setting it up as instructed, hit the CONNECT button and wait for it to connect within few seconds. On confirmed connection, minimize and start browsing.

If it doesn’t connect, kindly recheck your settings to know if you have made any mistake.

Who Is Eligible For The Airtel Social Bundle Cheat?

Just as the title goes, the Airtel social bundle cheat is available for all Airtel users. No special criteria required.

Can I use The Airtel Social Bundle Cheat For WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram Twitter?

Yes. The Airtel cheat settings with the aid of the Combo VPN will allow you surf through your favourite social media handles, be it Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram etc.

You can use the cheat to make both WhatsApp and Facebook voice and video calls.

Can I Use the Airtel Social Bundle Cheat To Download Large Files?

Absolutely yes. You can download large files over the internet, stream alot of videos online with the Airtel social bundle cheat.

But note that your ability to download large files depends on your Airtel social bundle balance.

Kindly drop your comments below incase you have any issue while trying to set the VPN. And please share this with your friends. Enjoy!


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