How to detect a fake or clone phone

How To Detect A Fake Or Clone Phone

The rate of fake or clone phones in the market now is alarming. If you are not technology-wise, you could easily get deluded into purchasing a fake device as a result of its compromised nature.

Some of us have fallen victims to this problem or must have seen someone purchased a clone phone.

These cloners or fake phone manufacturers usually try to make their phones look original, beautiful, and pleasing such that you could easily think it is original, but it’s not.

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Some of these phones could bear a particular brand name, while the battery bears a different brand name entirely. Some could come as a product from a single manufacturer.

Due to this, I have carefully undergone series of studies on how one can detect a fake or clone phone. So in this guide, you will be seeing and learning how to detect fake smartphones with ease.

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How To Detect A Fake Or Clone Phone

With these easy methods, you will get to know how to spot fake phones as well as helping others to avoid buying these fake phones. Below is a tip that will aid you to uncover fake phones.

  1. If you walk into a phone shop to get a phone, check out some basic features of the phone. Both software and hardware. Because these cloned phones will definitely lack some basic features as compared to the original ones.
  2. Now quickly dial this USSD code on the phone you intend to buy *#06#. It should display the phone’s IMEI number. Usually 15 digits.
  3. Lastly, visit Input the 15 digits IMEI number that you found on the phone and tap the CHECK button. Immediately after hitting the CHECK button, it will display the full properties of the exact phone that has the just inputted IMEI number.

Now, if it shows you a phone that is different from what you intend to buy, then know that the phone you are about to buy is a clone or fake phone.

This method is one of the tested and trusted methods out there that will help you to easily detect a clone device. You can try the practice now and know the status of your phone.

“Information they say is power” please extend this piece of information to others who are ignorant of this by sharing it and don’t forget to drop your feedback.

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