How to get free 1gb on MTN Zigi chatbot

Introducing MTN Zigi Chatbot- How It Works- And How To Get 1GB Daily From The MTN Bot

Introducing MTN Zigi Chatbot- a new bot made available by MTN to assist its customers where they can easily and quickly access various MTN services. Also, the chatbot can be used to chat with an MTN agent thereby cutting the hassle experienced by MTN customers when they try to reach the MTN customer service. To round it all up, the Zigi chatbot is currently dishing out free 1GB daily to all MTN subscribers.

This article will take a comprehensive review of the new MTN Zigi chatbot, how it works, how to use it, the various channels where the chatbot is available, and most importantly how you can get 1GB MTN data from it daily. I know most of you are really curious about the data but then, let’s not be in a hurry. I will marshall out everything seriatim.

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Overview of the MTN Zigi chatbot

MTN chatbot known or called Zigi is MTN’s new digital personal assistant automated to answer questions, aid customers with products and services activation, and also give vital information on various MTN products and services.

The bot was created to specifically bring personalized service to MTN customers. Difficulties like having to wait for a long time for your call to be answered by an MTN customer care personnel have been lifted by the bot. With the chatbot now live, speaking with an MTN agent is very simple and fast using the various channels where the bot is available.

Chatting is the only way of communicating with the bot and so the only supported language you can use to communicate, discuss or inquire about MTN products and services is through English. Maybe as time goes on, other local languages will be added.

Also, despite being essentially created for MTN customers, other network users can as well have access to the bot. Although when using the bot as another network subscriber (guest) certain services will be limited from your usage. Services offered by the bot can be used anytime anyway without any interruption. All this is done using your mobile phone data only.

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How Zigi chatbot works

Since Zigi is a digital chatbot that was made to provide personalized services to MTN customers, it works using mobile data. Also, since it is new, it doesn’t support all media channels and is only available on a few.

Let’s check out some of the channels where Zigi can be found and accessed at the moment.

Channels where Zigi chatbot can be found

Presently, Zigi can be found on only 3 media channels. The channels are Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. Let’s see how you can reach it via any of these channels.

How to use Zigi chatbot on Telegram

Using MTN Zigi on Telegram is very easy and fast. To connect with the bot on telegram, simply click on this link NB: Before you do that, make sure you have telegram installed on your phone.

After using the link, you will be taken to the official MTN – Zigi Chatbot channel on telegram. Now begin your conversation with the bot by tapping START. The bot will then ask you to provide your MTN number or if you want to continue as a guest. Type in and send your MTN number to the bot.

A One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your MTN line. Quickly copy and paste the OTP to authenticate your consent to the service. After this, you can now start accessing all MTN products and services with the bot.

How to use Zigi chatbot on Facebook Messenger

For those of you who do not have telegram installed on their device, you can also access Zigi’s service on Facebook Messenger.

To begin simply visit It will redirect you to your Facebook messenger. Now tap get started. Input your MTN number as instructed. Copy and paste the OTP for verification.

When done, services currently supported by the chatbot will be displayed and you can now select any one of your choice.

How to use Zigi chatbot on WhatsApp

To use Zigi on WhatsApp, visit Now send any message to zigi like “Hi”. You will be requested to accept the terms and conditions before proceeding. Accept it by tapping the Accept button.

Thereafter, the list of services will be displayed, you can now make your wish.

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That’s all on the various channels where Zigi can be reached. Now let’s move on to how you can get free 1GB of data from the bot.

How to get or Receive 1GB daily with the MTN Zigi chatbot

At last, we have finally arrived at your primary motive for reading this post. Maybe as a bonus for its introduction, Zigi is currently dishing out free 1GB data daily to all MTN customers who successfully participate and answer correctly all the questions in its Zoom Trivia quiz.

The quiz consists of 10 questions and you are required to answer all correctly in order to receive the free 1GB. Also, the zoom trivia quiz is available for participation after 1-hour interval. That is, after participating in a quiz, you will be eligible to partake again after 1 hour. And with that, you can stand a chance to win more than 5GB of data every day from zigi.

If you have multiple MTN SIM cards, you can as well use them. Let’s see how you can use the MTN Zigi bot to get 1GB or more daily.

Fo the purpose of this explanation, I will be using the Telegram channel. Although you can still use Facebook messenger to partake in the trivia. The steps are quite the same so just follow carefully.

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  • To get 1GB daily from the bot, simply start a chat on telegram with Zigi by visiting
  • Tap on start
  • After that, input your MTN phone number and send it to Zigi
  • An OTP will be generated for you. Copy out and paste the code for verification
  • Various personalized services will be displayed. Now tap on Zigi Daily Freebies
  • For the next menu, click on Zoom Trivia (Win 1GB FREE)
  • The final menu will bring up a page saying Win great prizes on Zoom Trivia. 1GB up for grabs… Click where required to begin the zoom trivia.
  • When the page for the contest opens click on PLAY NOW to begin

If you don’t use Telegram, you can participate in the trivia using Facebook messenger. Follow the steps used with telegram to participate.

NB: You won’t have all the whole time in the world to answer the questions. There is a countdown timer that is running against you so quickly and correctly answers the 10 questions before the timer elapses. The timer is set at 2 minutes 30 seconds (2:30)

The questions as well are cheap to answer but sometimes could be very cumbersome.

Previously reoccurring MTN Zigi Trivia questions and answers

For some people, these questions could be difficult to answer most especially if you don’t have any knowledge about zigi. So to do well in the trivia, do well to study various menus, services and everything surrounding the Zigi chatbot. Also, little current affairs questions are asked in the trivia.

However, to simplify the trivia for most of us, I carefully drafted most of the questions that often or usually reoccur in the zoom trivia and their answers. This will go a long way to help you score 100% on the quiz. Below are the Qs & As.

What menu option do I select if I want Data4ME on Zigi?MTN4ME
FAQ means Frequently Asked?Questions
Which of the following is a lottery service on Zigi?P10
Which of these options is not an FAQ option on Zigi?Zigi Daily Freebies
Who is Karl Toriola?MTN Nigeria CEO
The following are Zoom lottery categories except?Cards
Which of theses is a main menu option on zigi?NIN services
Covid 19 lockdown in Nigeria started when?Mar-20
MTN anniversary is on which day?August 8th
Which of the following is not an option in Play services?Writing
The following are gaming services on zigi except?Gameflex
Where can i download businessday newspaper on zigi?Zigi Daily Freebies
How many options does zigi have?11
What month did Sound Sultan die?July
MTN began operation in Nigeria in what year?2001
There are how many categories under Zoom lottery?5
How many Geo political zones do we have in Nigeria6
Bundles you buy on Zigi include all exceptTidal Bundles
When is National day Nigeria01-Oct
Which one of the following is an option in MTN4ME?VAS4ME
Under play Service in Zigi, other service include?All of the above
Where was zigi born?Lagos Nigeria
Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo recently moved to which clubs?PSG and ManUtd
MTN4ME service includes all except?Dance4Me
CallerTunez allows you to change your?Ring back tones
Zigi icon has the following except?Hands
MTN chatbot is called?Zigi
2face used to be part of which musical group?Plantation boys
How Many times can one chat Zigi in a day?Unlimited
MTN Nigeria’s Head Office is located in?Ikoyi Lagos State
MTN Zigi is a?Chatbot
Zigi freebies includes all except?Gamepro
Which of this is not a bridge across Lagos lagoon?Ikeja bridge
Who is the governor of Lagos State?Babajide Sanwo-Olu
MTN Zigi chatbot is an?Online personal assistant
How Many chanel can you reach Zigi? 3
You can purchase the following on Zigi except?SIM card
What is the only language that Zigi understand?English Language
What is the name of the past governor of the Lagos State?Akinwunmi Ambode
You can find Zigi on?WhatsApp or Telegram or Messenger
Check balance is on what menu option on zigi?1
You can recharge your MTN line on zigi though the following except?Bank draft
Which of the following is not an option in play service?MoMo
Who can chat with MTN Zigi chatbot?MTN & Non-MTN customers
How Many language can Zigi speak?1
What is Zigi favourite color?Yellow
What is the name of Wizkid latest album?Made in Lagos
R&B stands for?Rythme and Blues
What state is olusegu Obasanjo from?Ogun
What menu will I use to borrow airtime on Zigi?Borrow Xtratime/XtraByte
When is Christmas?December 25th
There are frequently asked questions (FAQs) on Zigi for the following except?HyNet
The guest user menu on Zigi include the following except?MTN4ME
Which Video Service is offered by MTN?Showmax
When is Zigi birth month?October
Who is the president of Nigeria?Muhammadu Buhari
How many days in Feb to make a leap year?29
How many days in April30
Zigi is available on all these platforms, except?Snapchat
Which option is NIN Services on Zigi main menu?6
CallerFeel lets you send to your callers?Short messages
To connect with Zigi, all you need is?Data

Bottom line

The extent or how long to which Zigi will be giving out free 1GB Is not yet ascertained. But at the time of publishing this, the bot is still dishing out the data so after reading this quickly follow the steps to get your own free 1GB data.

Let’s hear from you on your experience with the MTN Zigi chatbot.


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