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Dream League Soccer 2021 Hack Apk MOD Download (DLS 21 Stupid bot)

In today’s update here at NEXKINPROBLOG, I will be dropping a link where you can easily download the Dream League Soccer 2021 hack apk mod.

So if you are a lover of the Dream league soccer game, you can now download the hacked or mod version of the DLS 2021 game and play it on your android device.

When it comes to sports games, you will never find many other games better than the Dream League Soccer. Since its release, the game has risen to be arguably one of the best football games.

The DLS 2021 comes with top-notch graphics, realistic gameplay, and sleek game controls. Also, the players have been upgraded as they look even more real.

Everything about the game is just superb.

Despite the beautiful story surrounding the dream league soccer, certain things could make your love for the game to diminish.

If you have played older versions or later release of the dream league soccer game, you will find out that to win tournaments and cup competitions, you will have to defeat stronger teams.

But then, how do you defeat these teams that are stronger than your team when compared on aggregate, and also, how do you get money to build your team and sign new players? Because you generate revenue for your team when you win matches.

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With all these worries, difficulties, and experiences in place, while playing DLS, I now decided that I will be posting a modified version of the Dream League soccer 2021 (Stupid Bot), that will help you to easily triumph against stronger opponents in the same dream league soccer game.

The dream league soccer hack mod app (Stupid Bot) will relieve you of any difficulty posed by any team in the game. Hence allowing you to play the game with little or no stress.

With all that being said, let’s see all about the dream league soccer 2021 hack and how you can download and play the game on your android device smoothly.

Dream league soccer 2021

Dream league 2021 comes with a new and unique form of action with better and sumptuous features.

With over 4,000 FIFPro licensed players you can now build your desired dream team and challenge against the top elite teams in the world.

The dream league 2021 comes with full 3D motion-captured player moves, immersive in-game commentary, team customisations, and much more that will make you enjoy the game as you rise your way to the top from 8 divisions.

The in-game commentary is one to be compared to no other.

Build your dream team from a host of football superstars by signing the likes of Kevin De Bruyne, Roberto Firmino, Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Mbappe, Neymar jr, etc and rally them to victory against arch-rivals.

Build your own soccer dynasty from your Stadium to Medical, Commercial, and Training facilities and also deploy Agents and Scouts to help identify top talent in the transfer market.

You can also customize your team’s football kits and logos or import custom kits and logos, and also upgrade your team as you rise to the ranks in the heavily competitive dream league soccer game.

Overview of the dream league soccer 2021 hack (Stupid Bot

Unlike the main or official version, the dls 21 mod apk or hacked version comes with a custom feature (Stupid Bot). Once enabled in the game, you will be able to control the entire performance of the opponent players.

This is something you will never see in the original version of the dream league soccer game. The stupid bot feature will now help you to easily defeat strong teams which in turn will fetch you coins or money which you can use to sign or buy new players, build or increase your team’s ability, renovate and build new stadiums and also unlock new challenges.

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A whole lot of other exciting enhancements are also made available with this hack dream league soccer mod. You will enjoy all these when you download the dls 2021 hack version.

Note that this version of the dls 21 hack will not give you unlimited coins or money directly but instead will help you win opponents easily which will now indirectly generate you money for all your needs in the game.

Quick info about the Dream League Soccer MOD APK 2021 (Stupid Bot)

DLS 2021 Info

Apk name Dream league soccer 2021 (DLS21)
Apk version V8.31
Apk Size400.13MB
PublisherFirst Touch Games
MOD infoStupid bot
Updated25 November 2021

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Features of the 2021 Dream League Soccer hack mod

The dream league soccer 2021 hack mod (stupid bot) often abbreviated as dls21, comes with three custom hack or mod features. The features are listed below.

  • Stupid A1
  • Bots don’t move
  • Bots spawn in one place

Stupid A1

This custom mod feature that comes with the dream league 2021 hack gives you the ability to make your opponents completely underperform during a football match.

When enabled, the feature forces the opposing team players to easily give away the ball possession, unable to mark or tackle you, score own goals and run aimlessly towards straight directions when in possession of the ball.

This now gives you the advantage of trashing your opponents with little or no stress.

Your opponents will now look very unlikely to score a goal against you when this mode is toggled on. Use it as you like to advance and reach the very height of the dream league soccer game.

Bots don’t move

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Another invincible mod feature in the dls 21 game is the “bots don’t move feature”. This when enabled in the game causes rival team players to be muted or rooted to the spots allowing you to easily run with the ball towards the opposing team goal without interceptions from opponents.

This feature is very useful if you want to defeat every strong team in the log or tournaments or do a possible comeback if you were heavily beaten in your first leg tie against a team as it won’t allow your opponents to even move in any direction in the field except for your players while you easily navigate around the field and score as many goals as possible.

You just can’t expect less from this mod feature.

Bots Spawn in one place

The last mod feature in the dream league soccer hack version game is the bots spawn in one place.

This feature when allowed results in the entire field players including your players to spawn or gather at a single spot while a single player from your team plays the offense and defense against a single rival team player.

This feature works by following only 2 players one each from both teams to play the game while others are stuck in one place. Although you can change this by simply exchanging a pass with a rooted teammate to enable them to receive cursor while the other player also gets stocked to the spot.

This feature is useful if you just want to play against one player or probably dribble pass a single opposing player.

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Downloading and playing the game will give you a better explanation and understanding of the “bots spawn in one place” mod feature.

Requirements to play the dream league soccer game

  • An android phone
  • Phone running android 6.0 and above
  • Minimum RAM of 1GB. Higher RAM sizes are preferable
  • Minimum free phone storage of 1GB for quick download and successful installation.
  • Dream league soccer hack mod apk 2021 game. You will find the download link below as you keep reading.

Screenshots of the Dream League Soccer 2021 DLS21

The dls 2021 hack mod apk file can be easily gotten or downloaded from the link below.

If you like the main dream league soccer game, which will deprive you of the hack or mod features, you can directly download the official DLS 2021 version here from the Google play store.

But if you want to enjoy the dream league with modded or hacked features, you can then DOWNLOAD THE DREAM LEAGUE SOCCER HACK VERSION 2021 HERE.

How To install DLS 21 MOD APK

If you have successfully downloaded the dream league soccer mod apk, then installing and playing the game shouldn’t be of many difficulties.

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But then, the game requires certain things to be in place to successfully run on your device. I expressly stated these conditions above. So you can do well to recheck them to avoid any form of hassle.

After downloading the game and having met at least the minimum requirements, now tap on the game file to successfully.

If you haven’t enabled installation from unknown apps, move over to your Settings -> Apps & notifications -> Advanced -> Special app access -> Install unknown apps.

After that, go ahead and install your dls 21 hack game.

Do I need to root my phone to play the Dream league soccer 2021 hack game?

Not at all. You do not need to root your android device to play the dream league soccer mod or hack version.

The dream league soccer apk mod doesn’t require rooting of your device at all.

Do I need an active Internet connection to play the dls 21 hack 21

The long answer is yes. Without an active mobile internet connection you won’t be able to play or open various modes in the game.

And these modes which you can’t play without an internet connection are the most important modes like Career, Dream League Live.

So you can see that without a data connection you will be highly limited from playing real modes. Although some modes like exhibition and training can be played without an active Internet connection.

Will I get unlimited coins from the 2021 dream league soccer hack?

No. This version of the dream league soccer 2021 mod apk doesn’t give you unlimited coins and diamonds

Money can only be gotten indirectly from the use of the stupid bot feature which allows you to easily defeat teams in the division which now brings you money.

Can I play multiplayer with dream league soccer among my friends?

Yes. The dream league soccer game can also be played with friends using the dream league soccer multiplayer mode.


Everything you need to know about the dream league soccer hack 2021 game, from downloading the game, installing it, etc has been comprehensively discussed above.

But then if you still need further clearance from the above, do well to drop your feedback below for quick aid.

Lastly, if you found this to be insightful, also do well to tender your comments below.

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