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Download Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia Hacked Version MOD Apk 2021 (Unlimited Money, Ammo & Nitro)

Are you an ardent lover of the Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia game? and probably searching for the Mini Militia hacked version MOD Apk game? If yes, then you just fell at the right spot.

In today’s update, I will be providing the link where you can download the hacked version of the Mini Militia Doodle Army 2 MOD Apk.

The Mini Militia hack comes with all unlocked premium features like unlimited money and cash, unlimited ammo, unlimited nitro power and so much more.

The doodle army 2 Mini Militia game is a 2D shooting game. The game also allows you to battle against 6 players online.

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The most notable part of the game is the multiplayer mode, where players can pit against each other. With the multiplayer mode, the winner is selected based on the number of victories within the set time limit.

The mini militia game comes with futuristic weapon types that will make the game very intriguing and electrifying.

Overview of Mini Militia Hacked Version MOD Apk

The Mini Militia MOD app is the modified version of the official Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2 game. By being MOD I.e modified, it means that all locked features in the official game will be unlocked in the modified or hacked version.

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We all know that it is somewhat difficult to unlock certain items with the main mini militia game. The Mod version now allows you to bypass these barriers and enjoy the game seamlessly.

Also, for you to at least enjoy the official mini militia apk, you need to be connected to the internet at all times. The only offline mode available is the practice mode where you learn to survive after practicing.

Whereas the Mini Militia hacked version allows you to fully enjoy and unlock every aspect of the official mini militia game.

Let’s check out some of the basic features of the Mini Militia Mod apk.

Basic information Of the Mini Militia Hacked Version

Apk information

App name Mini Militia Mod apk
App version V5.3.7
App size59.26MB
Mod infoPremium Unlocked
RequirmentsAndroid 4.4 and above
Price Free
Updated29 October 2021

Features of the Mini Militia Hacked Version

Below are some of the essential features of the mod version of the Mini Militia game.

  • No ADs

The Mod or hacked version of the mini militia game has zero ads. This means that, while playing the game maybe with your friends, you won’t experience any form of pop-up or any kind of intrusive ads or advertisement.

With the official mini militia game, during gameplay, you will experience or see annoying ads that might surface while you are playing the game which might go a long way to affect your experience with the game.

But all thanks to the mini militia mod version where you will enjoy your game without any form of interference as a result of adverts.

  • Unlimited Ammo and weapon

With the Mini Militia hacked version you will tend to unlock all supported and available weapons provided by the game like handguns, SMGs, rifles, shotguns, snipers, other special guns, and also unlimited grenade

Unlike the official version where you need to pass various levels before unlocking most of the guns, the mod version now automatically unlocks all weapons for you without an ado from you.

With not just an unlimited weapon alone, you also get unlimited ammo. With the unlimited ammo, you won’t run out of weapons, and bullets. Also, you won’t be required to reload your gun as the bullets are unlimited and don’t count while you are shooting.

Just swipe the shoot button and begin shooting your adversaries as they come.

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  • Unlimited Jetpack Ability

The mod version allows you to enjoy an unlimited jetpack. Unlike the main game, you won’t be able to fly if you run out of Jetpack or your nitro.

To fly again, you will need to wait for some time for the jetpack to regain its flight ability. This alone can get you killed or being unable to fly and hit a target.

But with the mini militia mod, your jetpack supply doesn’t get exhausted. You have the liberty to fly as high as you can or glide around the entire game location without any worry of you running out of jetpack.

  • Unlimited Health

The hacked or mod version of the Mini militia game gives you access to unlimited health. Once you have an unlimited health, you now become indestructible.

Everything now falls for you. Despite that you will be shot by opponents, your life or health will still remain untouched.

  • All locations unlocked

The cracked version of the mini militia game allows you to unlock every location in the mini militia game. You can choose between any location you want the game to be played.

  • All Avatars and Customizations unlocked

You will have access to all avatars and it’s customization with the cloned or mod version of the mini militia game.

Unlike the official game, where you need to complete certain levels or have a lot of coins or money before unlocking or buying an avatar and its customization, the hacked mini militia version now provides all these locked features for you at a zero price.

So feel free to use any avatar of your choice and then customize it to your taste.

  • Hacked Store

All items you have always craved for in the mini militia store are now available for free. With the mod or hacked version of the apk, you will gain access to all items available in the store.

  • Fully offline

The cracked mini militia version is more or less an offline version where a data connection is not needed to play the game.

Almost every gameplay mode is fully offline with this version. No online connection is needed.

  • One-shot, five die

This allows you to fire a bullet against your target which will then kill five enemies at once from a single shot. This helps you to eliminate multiple enemies at once from a solo fire.

Pictorial preview of the mini militia hacked version

Where To Get the mini militia hack version download link 2021

Below contains the link where you can download the mini militia mod apk hacked version 2021.

If you still love the official Mini militia game where you will be limited to a whole lot of features, you can directly download the play store version here.

But if you want to go unlimited with the Mini Militia action game where you will unlock all items, simplydownload the Mini Militia mod apk hacked version 2021 here.

How To install the Mini Militia hacked Mod apk

Installing the mini militia mod apk doodle army 2 game is very easy and simple.

To do that, after successfully downloading the mod apk from the download link above, now move over to your Settings -> Apps & notifications -> Advanced -> Special app access -> Install unknown apps.

After that, go ahead and install your mod mini militia mod apk.

how to play multiplayer on mini militia mod apk doodle army 2

Just as stated above one of the most interesting parts of the mini militia game is the multiplayer mode. With the hacked or mod version of the game, you can battle against 16 players. So basically, you will be able to host a multiplayer game where 16 other people can join and play the game.

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To play the mini militia multiplayer mode with your friends, turn on your WiFi hotspot and ask your friends to connect to your hotspot. Make sure you do this first before opening the game.

After you must have been done with the hotspot and WiFi connection process, now open the mini militia mod game.

Tap on MULTIPLAYER -> DEATHMATCH -> LAN WIFI. If you are the host that is, the one who turned on hotshot simply tap on HOST while other players should click on JOIN.

As the host, you can now do some edits like selecting any location you want the game to be played, Also, you can select the number of players and the game timing.

When done with the setup and connection, ask other players to start the game while you as the host should be the last person or player to tap on start.

Make sure you do so if not when the game starts, there won’t be any rivalry between you and your friends as you all will start as a team. So make sure that the host should be the last man to start the game.

Do I need to root my device in order to play the mini militia mod apk/hacked version game?

No. You do not need to root your Android device to play the mini militia hacked game. Root access is nowhere required to enjoy the mod version of the game.

Do I need an active Internet connection to play multiplayer on the mini militia mod apk?

No. Unlike the main version of the game where almost everything is done online with an active internet connection, the mini militia cracked version doesn’t require an active Internet connection to play the multiplayer mode.

Everything is done offline.

Do I need to pay for any item in the mini militia mod?

No. The mod version gives you access to every item available on the mini militia game for free without anything being done.


You can now attest to how great and needful the mini militia mod apk is. With everything under your control, you can now play and enjoy the game to the fullest.

Just in case you experience any kind of problem while trying to download, play, or set up the multiplayer mode on the game, simply drop your review below.

And also if you found the mod version to be of great help do well to drop your positive reactions.

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