Best PS2 shooting games to play this year

17 Best PS2 Shooting Games To Play On The PlayStation 2 Console in 2022

Released on March 4, 2000, the PS2 has become the best-selling video game system with approximately 155 units sold around the world. Although the age of PlayStation 2 video games has long passed, the beautiful experience it has left in the hearts of its users cannot be easily forgotten.

In order to re-create this old stellar moment, I decided to cover some of the best PS2 shooting games you should consider playing in 2022. So if you are a fan of shooting games, then you will get dozens of shooting games that dominated the table for the PlayStation 2 system. The shooting games in my list fall under these subcategories; Shoot ’em up, tactical shooter, stealth shooter, First person shooter (FPS), Third person shooter (TPS), etc. I will also be providing a link where you can get these games.

Without further ado, let’s quickly head to the main business.

PS2 Shooting Games List

Let’s take a look at some of these PlayStation 2 games.

1: Made Man

While the game might not be popular like many other PlayStation 2 games, it’s still coming down as one of the top PS2 action shooters. The game is a 2006 third-person shooter video game that uncovers the adventures of Joey Verola in the Mafia encapsulated city of New York.

The game hosts several adventurous missions. In the beginning, Joey is given a pistol for combat. As you progress, more powerful arsenals will be available – some gotten from a dead enemy. Aside weapon pickups, medkits and body armor can also be collected to increase energy and further arm yourself. Enemies shot on the head die immediately. Shooting at explosives like fuel drums also helps destroy large enemy units. Joey can handle and throw hand grenades.

In a city fully dominated by Mafias, Joey will have to single-handedly eliminate these vicious groups. Enjoy a thrilling experience in this action-adventure PlayStation 2 game.

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2: Delta Force: Black Hawk Down: Team Sabre

Delta Force: Black Hawk Down: Team Sabre is an add-on version to Delta Force: Black Hawk Down:

The game is a 2005 PlayStation 2 first person-shooter game, although the game was initially released in 2003 for the Microsoft Windows platform. As an enhanced version, Team Sabre features more weapons and new environments as compared to the initial version.

Team Sabre features two new campaigns which are the Iranian and Colombian campaign. In the Iranian campaign, rebel groups have reportedly taken control of Iran’s oil deposit in Kharg Island and other facilities close by. The oil terminal under the rebel group’s control poses a serious threat to the west.

This event eventually triggers the US to mount a counter-attack against the sects.

The Colombian campaign reveals a drug lord by name Antonio Paulo, who has significant control in some parts of the Colombian territory. Information has revealed that Antonio Paulo is shipping drugs and guns into the States. Delta Force has been summoned to intercept and eliminate Antonio Paulo.

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3: Battlefield 2: Modern Combat

Enjoy the adventure is this epic first-person shooter video game. An extremist group named Burning Flag, misleads China and NATO to lock horns against each other. After an intense battle between China and NATO with both accusing each other of war crimes, the duo later discovered that the Burning Flag had been the one fabricating the propaganda.

One side is tasked to intercept the Burning Flag’s commander and foil his plans to release nukes on China, Europe, and the United States. Assault rifles, heavy machine guns, sniper rifles, melee weapons, shotguns, are some of the weapons that’s provided in the game.

The game also received positive reactions from critics upon release. Get the game below to enjoy!

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4: Dead to Rights II

Dead to Rights II is the successor of Namco’s 2003 Dead to Rights. II is a neo-noir third-person shooter action game. Alfred McGuffin, a judge, is abducted by a gang after having unsealed a criminal case. Jack the protagonist has a mission to save the judge out of the hands of the notorious faction. Jack’s plans to rescue the judge fails as the judge is murdered. The murder eventually extends to Jack’s girlfriend, which now leaves Jack with nothing even though he succeeded in murdering the gangsters.

As a police officer, Jack is accompanied by his K-9 cohort Shadow – a dog. while they battle the powerful mob in the corrupt crime city. A PlayStation Portable version was also released named Dead to Rights: Reckoning.

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Named after the game, XIII suffers critically from amnesia. Who is later accused of assassinating the POTUS. XIII after escaping from various attacks, and apprehension both from the Mongoose and FBI now seeks to uncover the truth of the whole saga around him.

Several missions of the game involve stealth. From a first person-shooter angle, you will have to take up the role of XII as he tries to overturn the besieging evil against him. An action-adventure video game that you will most certainly enjoy playing.

Not just for the PlayStation 2 platform alone, XIII is also available for Microsoft Windows, Xbox, GameCube, and OS X. The game was developed and published by Ubisoft in 2003.

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6: James Bond: 007 NightFire

While other versions of the game had some mixed reviews, the PlayStation 2 version welcomed a high rate of positive reactions. James Bond: 007 NightFire is an Electronic Arts 2002 FPS video game. James Bond, a secret agent, is tasked to uncover the operations of a said Industrialist who are gearing themselves up to take control over the planet earth.

Most missions in 007 NightFire require you to either prevent or foil an attack by extremists. The game also sustains a great storyline, decent graphics and a beautiful aesthetics.

Assume the role of British M16 agent as he attempts to completely get rid of green-industrialist and the president of Phoenix International, Raphael Drake, and also bring an end to his dominance in the world stage.

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7: 25 to Life

Experience a unique gaming experience in 25 to Life as you can either play as a cop or gangster. 25 to Life is a third-person shooter action adventure game.

Three playable characters are featured in the game – Freeze, Shaun Calderon, (a friend to Freeze) and officer Williams. Freeze is a gangster who commits a series of crimes with his friend to raise money for his family. Freeze’s wife is angry with her husband’s behaviour and urges him to stop the habit. Freeze later gives a second thought to his wife’s disapproval of his criminal behaviour.

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He now informs his friend of his intentions to stop any gang activity. He is given a final mission which is a narcotics trade. But it seems the final mission will only be the beginning of a new wave of crisis for Freeze.

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8: Sniper Elite

Looking for a PlayStation 2 Sniper game? Then you should try the Rebellion Developments’s Sniper Elite tactical shooter game. The game utilises stealth and some FPS elements. Just like the name, the character virtually uses a sniper rifle throughout the game campaign. Although, pistols and other assault rifles are also available in the game.

The player also uses binoculars to get a glimpse of enemy units. From a third person perspective, you are to control Karl Fairburne as he seeks to accomplish his mission in this WWII game.

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9: Without Warning

The game’s name is enough to tell you how good the game is gonna be. But that seems to be delusive practically as the game received negative reviews. Probably due to some technical issues.

Notwithstanding, Without Warning still had some decent features that still made the game enjoyable. The whole thing begins as dangerous assailants take control of a chemical plant. The Special Forces are notified of the situation and charged to spearhead the infiltration, and eliminate the terrorists without warning!

The game was developed by Circle Studio and published by Capcom in 2005 for only the PlayStation 2 and Xbox platform.

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10: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Arguably one of the best and most popular action-adventure games available for the PS2 system. San Andreas isn’t in my top list because the game is usually not referred to as a shooter game, but at least shooting is not distant from the game.

Set in an open-world environment, Karl Johnson, mostly referred to in the game as CJ, is the protagonist. The game provides him with assault rifles, pistols, shotguns, grenades, etc. CJ can operate a car, train, boat, aeroplane and fighter jets. He can as well ride bicycles and also swim.

The fictional San Andreas city is filled with a high level of crime – with gangs fighting against rival gangs to gain control of the hood. During the course of playing the game, CJ will eliminate several gang groups and Mafia leaders. Keep in mind that the cops are always on alert to check and balance your crime rate.

GTA San Andreas is also available for android, so if you prefer playing the game on your android device you can get the game below.

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11: Conflict: Global Terror

Another tactical shooter game here is – Conflict: Global Terror. Team Red are captured while on a military free fall in the Colombian jungle by a militia group. Team Red however escapes the abduction from a Connors aid. The Team now continues in their quest to destroy the enemy facility.

Conflict: Global Terror is a third-person shooter game which involves stealth and has similar controls to an FPS. The storyline is great as well as the graphics.

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12: Black

Black is a 2006 First-person shooter game published by Electronic Arts. You will assume the role of black ops agent, Jack Keller. Jack Keller is believed to have committed several conflicts even as a CIA agent. His inadequate actions calls for an interrogation against him – forcing him to narrate his ordeals involving terrorist operations.

He is told the only way to escape conviction and probably imprisoned for life is for him to cooperate with the team. Keller is to join his military unit in destroying several enemy operations in various cities. The game received a good number of ratings from critics upon release.

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13: Call of Duty 3

Call of Duty 3 is the third entry in the Call of Duty series. The game has its settings in World War II with about 14 missions to play. It has 4 campaign modes – American campaign, British campaign, Canadian campaign, and Polish campaign, each coming with its distinct storyline and event.

Some missions in the game have traces to the events that occurred in the battle of Normandy. Call of Duty 3 game features weapons that were predominant during that era. The aesthetics of the game is nice and along with an interesting storyline.

Aside from the PlayStation 2 platform, Activision also published Call of Duty 3 for PlayStation 3, Xbox, Xbox 360, and Wii.

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14: Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 is a survival horror game. The game received significant success on various platforms it was ported to after being initially released exclusively for GameCube.

US special agent Leon Kennedy, is on a mission to rescue the POTUS daughter who had been kidnapped by secret a cult group, waiting to use her for rituals. Several turns of events could switch the game from its original first person-shooter angle to a third-person shooter perspective.

En route to the rural Spanish area where Ashley Graham was kidnapped to, Leon will fight a great deal of infected villagers who are under control from a parasite. Leon however succeeds in getting the president’s daughter out of control from the cult group – Los Iluminados. But escaping from the village poses a great problem as the cult group are now after Leone and Ashley to take them back into captivity.

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15: Grand Theft Auto III

GTA III walks you through the adventures of Claude – the game’s protagonist. While on a bank heist, his girlfriend betrays him leaving him to be apprehended by the police while she carts away with the money alone.

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While on transit to a prison, a Colombian cartel group hijacks the movement to get a prisoner. This leaves Claude to escape and subsequently pair with fellow convict 8-Ball.

After escaping, Claude now becomes a handy man – undertaking several drug, and criminal operations. With his life filled with agony, Claude seeks revenge against his girlfriend who has landed him into this whole mess.

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16: Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction

Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction is a Pandemic Studios action-adventure video game, available only for the PS2 and Xbox system. The game is set in North Korea which is under a great civil unrest. It seems peace talks will finally quell the conflicts between the two nations.

But it appears that some top Notch Korean officials are against the move and plan a coup to overthrow the government. As the player, you are to control one of three mercenaries and fight against the extremists groups in the country and also prevent a purported nuclear war.

The game is a third-person shooter game where the player can freely roam the large game environment, picking up necessary items, complete side missions, and also steal vehicles.

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17: The Punisher

The last on my list, The Punisher is a third-person shooter game. The game features several Mafia groups who are causing mayhem in the city. The Punisher – Frank Castle, Jr. comes as a counter-offensive to the atrocities plaques by these notorious sects.

The Punisher must also intercept a nuclear weapon shipment into New York City by General Kreigkopf. The adventures in the game appear to be endless as crimes continue to besiege the city incessantly.

Feel the ecstacy by getting the game below.

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Final Thoughts on the PS2 shooting games

From a random selection, I carefully handpicked some of the games that are among the best PS2 shooting games. The compilation was made out of games with the best positive reviews from critics. Get the action started by getting any one of your choice!

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