Get 300MB Free Browsing On Opera Mini For Just N100 With Airtel


Nigerians can now get 300MB free browsing on Opera Mini for just N100 with Airtel.


This is coming due to the partnership that exists between Airtel and Opera Mini. Airtel recently started giving out free daily 50MB to its subscribers. The data can be used only on Opera Mini. The applications are Opera Mini Browser and Opera news app.

With the free 50MB from Airtel, users can now browse and search any content of their choice on the internet.

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The free 50MB from Airtel can be used to browse, download, watch videos on YouTube and so much more. But the major setback about this free data is that you will just be limited to 50MB.

A lot of us normally use close to 100 – 200MB per day. So the free 50MB from Airtel will not avail much to you since it appears to be very small.

This post will be showing you how you can enjoy 300MB free browsing with Airtel on Opera Mini.


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In a bid to satisfy their customers Airtel now gives a 300MB free browsing on Opera Mini for just a small fee of N100. With this data, you can browse any of your favorite sites on Google. Also, you can use the data to download any movie of your choice. All you need to do is just subscribe to the plan for a small token of N100.

Requirements On How To Get 300MB Free Browsing On Opera Mini For Just N100 With Airtel

The conditions before getting this data are quite explicit as you don’t need much work. Below are a few requirements.


1: A valid and registered Airtel Sim Card
2: You must have atleast N100 in your account balance


To get this free browsing data from Airtel, dial the ussd code *141*103#.
On confirmed subscription to the plan, minimize and start browsing.



1: This is a limited-time offer. It could be scrapped off anytime.
2: The data can only be used to browse only on the Opera Mini Browser and Opera News App.
3: Data is capped at 300MB and not unlimited
4: The data is valid for 30 days (1month)

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