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Latest PPSSPP Cheat.db File Download 2021 And How To Use Cheats On PPSSPP Games

    How to use cheats on ppsspp

    This post will cover topics about the latest PPSSPP cheat.db file download, and how you can use cheats to play PPSSPP games.

    In one of our posts here at Nexkinproblog, I made a comprehensive guide on how you can connect ppsspp multiplayer games with friends. But this time around, I will be talking about how to download and use cheats on PPSSPP games.

    Most of us who play ppsspp games will be very conversant about how difficult it is to play or pass certain levels or missions in some ppsspp games because you have a limited life, limited guns, weapons, coins, money, etc. One can even spend several days to weeks, in some cases months trying to pass a single level.

    Sometimes, you can even get bored or tired playing the game since you are unable to accomplish certain missions.

    Due to this experience, applying or using cheats now becomes a necessity for PPSSPP gamers.

    With the latest PPSSPP cheat file, called “cheat.db”, you will have the exclusive power to unlock and utilize a host of unlimited items in the game like guns, weapons, unlimited life, coins, money, etc.

    With the cheat enabled, you will become invincible, and also reach the very height of any ppsspp game that you want.

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    As the name implies cheat, it means that you will now be playing the games against the normal way that was meant for the game to be played.

    But then, it should be noted that using PPSSPP cheats all the time to play ppsspp games will make the game uninteresting as you are now formidable as a player in the game.

    PPSSPP Cheat.db file

    The PPSSPP cheat.db file is a file that contains all the cheats or cheats codes to all PPSSPP games. Once the cheat.db file is download and extracted to the PSP cheat folder, you will unlock all available cheats for any PPSSPP game.

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    The cheat.db file comes in a zip format. So you have to extract it to use it on PPSSPP games

    The file is relatively small in size to download and works perfectly on most android devices.

    The cheat.db file needs certain android requirements to be met to run efficiently. Below are some of the requirements for the cheat.db file.

    PPSSPP Cheats android requirements

    Latest PPSSPP Cheat.db file download 2021

    The PPSSPP cheat.db zip file can be downloaded from the provided link below. Just as mentioned above, the cheat file is small in size so you won’t be spending much data to download the file.

    To get started, quickly download cheat.db zip file 2021.

    The above cheat.db/CWCheat Database file is 4.28mb to download.

    When done downloading the PPSSPP cheat.db file, head over to how you can extract the cheat.db zip file to the PSP cheat folder and also add the cheats to your PPSSPP games.

    How to Extract Cheat.db zip file to PSP cheat folder

    After downloading the cheat.db zip file, the next step is to extract the zip file. You check out our full guide on how to extract zip files.

    To extract the cheat.db file, you need a file manager. For easy and quick extraction of the zip file, I recommend the ES file explorer or zArchiver.

    But in this post, I will be using the ES file explorer.

    To extract the cheat.db zip file, simply open the ES file explorer app. Click the internal storage that looks like an SD card. After that, click on the Download folder.

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    Check below, you will see the cheat.db file in a zip format named “”.

    Tap and hold the cheat file. It will bring up options. Now click on More located at the bottom right corner. Tap on Extract To and then click on choose path.

    Click on sdcard and then locate the PSP folder. Tap the PSP folder > Cheats.

    While in the cheat folder click ok to finally extract the cheat.db zip file to your PSP cheat folder.

    It should appear like the one in the image below before confirming extraction.

    If you can’t find the Cheats folder among the list of PSP folders, create a new folder by tapping on the + button above and name the folder as “Cheats”. Thereafter you can extract the file to the folder.

    How to add or use cheats on PPSSPP games on your android device

    After extracting the cheat.db zip file, it now time you start using the cheats on any ppsspp game with your android device.

    To use cheat on PPSSPP games, quickly open the PPSSPP emulator.

    Go to Settings. Click on System. Scroll down and tick Enable cheats.

    Now go back and open any of the PPSSPP games that you want to use cheats on.

    I will be using The PPSSPP game Dead to Rights as an illustration here, so you will be seeing different cheat types depending on the particular ppsspp game.

    After opening the PPSSPP game, tap cancel without exiting the game.

    Click on Cheats. The full list of all the cheats for that particular ppsspp game will be displayed. If it doesn’t display, tap on Import from cheat.db. to import the cheats.

    Once the cheats are displayed, you can now tick any type of cheat that you want to use in the game.

    After selecting your desired cheat, go ahead and enjoy your game with unlimited and endless power.

    If you don’t want to use the cheats any longer, go to settings > system and then untick enable cheats, or you can disable all cheats in the Cheats option.

    The cheats were confirmed to be working on PPSSPP games like;

    • Dead to Rights
    • PES 2016, PES 2018, PES 2020, PES 2021 etc
    • WWE 2011
    • GTA Auto Vice City, GTA San Andreas, GTA Auto III etc.
    • Mortal Kombat
    • God of War (Chains of Olympus & Ghost of Sparta)
    • Assassin’s Creed Bloodlines
    • Call of Duty – Road to Victory
    • Tekken 6
    • Splinter cell
    • Spider Man & alot of other PPSSPP games.

    How to fix PPSSPP cheats not working on android

    To method used above to enable cheats or add cheats on PPSSPP has been tested and confirmed to be working on android.

    If you did follow the requirements, processes and got everything right in your settings, then you shouldn’t have any issue like PPSSPP cheat not working.

    But then, certain conditions like low android version, low phone storage, low phone ram, incorrect extraction of the cheat.db file etc. could cause the PPSSPP cheat from working as expected or properly.

    So to avoid this issue, make sure that you follow the requirements mandated above and every bit of the process used to use and enjoy the cheats in any ppsspp game.

    Meanwhile, if you still have difficulties trying to enable and use cheats on PPSSPP games, kindly drop your feedback below for further assistance.

    If you found this post to be of help and useful, kindly share it with friends or anyone in your space and also drop your comments.

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