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Osu Unblocked Online Game For School – Play For Free

If you have played the popular Friday Night Funkin game before, then Osu will not appear new to you, but may be offering something similar or even better. Osu is a fun-filled tune challenge HTML5 game, where you play by clicking or tapping on a series of circles that appear on the screen or rotating a spinner to the beat of the music.

In the Osu game, you will get over seventy songs, with difficulty levels ranging from easy to hard. Osu unblocked game can be played at school, or at workplace for free. The game works on PC, Chromebook, and mobile devices. Like other unblocked games here, you don’t need to download this game or install any plugin before you can run it on your device. Everything is online.

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Where to play Osu unblocked game

A direct link to play this rhythm-based web browser game will be provided below. Note that a strong internet connection is needed as well as a good web browser in order to play this game seamlessly.

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How to play Osu online game

To play this game, you have to click on the circles that appear in rhythm with the music, at the right time. Sliders too are available which you have to drag the ball. You can also meet spinners. You have to click and turn as fast as possible in the game.

Use F1 to toggle on Fullscreen mode and ES to pause the game. The game might appear simple to play but that’s the opposite. Luckily, there’s an easy mode where you can play the game with less difficulty. Spice up your day and feel the rhythm by playing this amusing tune game.

Enjoy and have fun!

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