Best App That Helps You Find Any Music If You Don’t Know The Title

There is always this sad feeling when you listen to a new music and eventually wish to download or know the lyrics, but since you don’t know the music title or singer, you end up not getting the music.

But no worries as there is an all-in-one application that looks to be one of the best app that can help you find any music or identify any music if you don’t know the title or singer.

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SHAZAM proves to be one of the best app that helps you find any music if you don’t know the title or singer. You can also use it to identify film shows etc.

SHAZAM is an application that is reportedly owned by smartphone and Tech giants Apple Inc. SHAZAM aids in identifying music, movies, etc by recording the played music.


  • The file size is approximately 4MB
  • The application can identify songs, movies, etc.
  • It uses its microphone to record and identify played music
  • It cannot be used to download music. SHAZAM only uses its recording feature to identify music or songs
  • Supports iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Android, etc
  • it is easy to use, with clear UI

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To easily identify any music using SHAZAM, simply download the SHAZAM app here

  • Launch the SHAZAM Application.
  • After launching it, switch on your Data Connection and tap on the big SHAZAM button and move your phone to the audio source. That is, the playing music and wait for it to listen and identify the music.
  • Within seconds it will auto-detect the playing music and you can eventually see the music title and its singer alongside the music lyrics.

NB: SHAZAM doesn’t download music, so if you wish to download the music to your phone where you can play it off-line, You can then search the music online since you now know the title and singer.

Make the most out of SHAZAM and do well to drop your comments below. Enjoy!

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