Flying Games Unblocked| Play at school for free

Flying Games Unblocked| Play at school for free


Are you interested in playing Flying games unblocked? If yes, we will provide you different varieties of unblocked games that you can play on your device for free. So let’s get to it.


Flying games unblocked are basically for everyone irrespective of age. It can be played by both kids and adults. You get to play all kinds of Airplane unblocked games, helicopter unblocked games, jetpacks unblocked games, Paper flight unblocked games, and so on. To get started, select any flying games unblocked you prefer the most and begin having fun.

List of flying games unblocked

Learn to fly

Learn to Fly is an unblocked game where you would have to help a little penguin fly and find its way around the sky. Learn to Fly offers three game modes to select which are Arcade, Classic, and Story.

The Arcade mode will make sure to have you fly through the rings, in this case, you will also try your possible best not to run into any obstacles.


The Classic mode would let you have a limited time to cover up the highest distance you can go. Finally, the Story mode would help you complete so challenges and unlock new items to help your little penguin fly better.

When Pigs Fly

When Pigs Fly is another flying unblocked game designed to be played online on your browser with the help of your laptop, desktop, phone, tablet, etc. When Pigs Fly is also not restricted to playing at school, home, and work, that’s why it’s known as an unblocked game.

Paper Flight

In the Paper Flight unblocked game, you get the chance to pick a paper flight and throw it as fast as you can to make sure you collect stars and other objects and then grab the opportunity to win prizes and upgrade to paper flight to the best.


Air welfare 3D

Air welfare 3D is a full 3D graphics game. Players in this game can move their aircraft to different angles of their choice to enable a real fighting experience. You are to fly your aircraft and take out the enemy aircraft.

Air Fight

Air Fight is another interesting flying unblocked game that is similar to the Air Welfare 3D game. In Air Fight, you would also fly your airplane and destroy the enemy’s aircraft before they destroy yours.

Make it to the end of the level to proceed to the next level of the game. As the level goes, the game gets tougher grab the wheels and begin.


Hot Air

Hot Air is an unblocked game, the players will have all the access to control a balloon on the air. It’s left for you to make sure you control your hot air balloon till the end and avoid obstacles so you won’t have to fail. Failure to avoid the obstacles might cause your balloon to burst and you would have to start again. Hit the play button below and start flying your Hot Air balloon.

More flying games unblocked

Other unblocked games


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