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Hunting Games Unblocked| Play At School For Free


Our list today will provide you with your favorite unblocked hunting game that you can play online with your web browser for free. You can play these unblocked games with your computer, mobile, or Chromebook when at home, work, or school.

The games below don’t require anything from you, it’s totally free and easy to play. It’s not restricted at any location so there is nothing to worry about as you begin. Have a great time playing your favorite unblocked game.

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List of Hunting games unblocked

Deer Hunter

Deer Hunter is one of the many unblocked hunting games you can play anytime. It is designed for all players to play online for free. You can as well access and play Deer Hunter from any location of your choice without any restrictions.


In this game, players are to hunt deer in the forest using a sniper rifle. Killing all the deer available for a particular mission is one way to get past that level.

Play the game using the button below.

Prop Hunt

Prop Hunt is another interesting hunting game. The game is a kind of hide-and-seek game where players are to either play as a prop or hunter.


If you play as the hunter, you are to hide and try to find the prop and shoot them first before they can find you.

Each prop you shoot will turn into a soldier and join you in taking down the rest of the prop. All you need to do is to keep hiding from the prop while taking them out. Make sure to watch your back while on it. Have fun!


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Button Hunt 3

Button Hunt 3 is a puzzle game where the players have to make it through 30 puzzle levels as quick as possible to hunt down the button and win the award at the end. If you happen to run out of time, you will have to start again. Hurry, your buttons are waiting!

Duck Hunt

Duck Hunt is a hunting game where the players go after a duck. You must try to shoot the duck before the time runs out else you will lose the game.


This isn’t going to be easy, so cool your nerves and take down the ducks accurately.

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Crocodile Simulator Beach Hunt

Crocodile Simulator Beach Hunt is an unblocked game where you have to control a hungry crocodile around the beach. The aim of the game is to make sure you hunt down any prey you see around the beach and feed your crocodile to its satisfaction.

If your croc stays for long without feeding on anything, it will starve and die.

Animal Hunter

Animal Hunter is similar to the duck and deer Hunter unblocked games the only difference is that this time, the player would not just kill one animal, but would have to kill all kinds of animals that are found in the forest with the help of a sniper.

Click the play button below the begin the fun.

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That’s all the hunting games we can provide for now. Even though the games are not many, they are sure to give you long hours of fascinating gaming experience. Have fun and enjoy your time!

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