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10 Best Java Shooting Games Download (240×320) – 3D & 2D


Discover some of the best and top-rated java shooting games that made waves for the keypad-based mobile phones. Even though these games may appear funny now as compared to modern-day games, they were actually the most anticipated back then.

In this list, you will be finding java games under several categories like 3D shooting java games, sniper shooting java games, alien shooting java games, zombie shooting java games, etc. Interestingly, you can still run these java games on your Android device with the aid of the J2ME java emulator for android. To do that, check this other post from us to see how to play Java games on android.

In general, java games were developed with little resources and so they came in little sizes usually in Kilobytes and some between 1MB – 2MB. So if you want to download them, you have nothing to worry about a large game file. Let’s now take a look at some of these best java shooting games.

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Best Java Shooting Games

1: Terror Terminator

Terror Terminator

Battle your way through the woods by eliminating all enemy units stationed in various positions in this action shooting game for java. The game allows you to crouch and jump as well. However, while crouching you are unable to shoot at enemies. Always watch out for the highly explosive drum as you will die and the game will end if you run into it.

The gameplay is intuitive and the difficulty level is moderate. The graphics is fair for a java keypad phone.

2: Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire is a tactical shooter java game. While playing any mission, you will have to kill all enemies required and avoid any civilian casualty. By this, you will have to apply stealth while playing this game. Just like the name, the shooting in this game is rapid. To play this game, you will have to press the button that aligns with an enemy to kill him.


After completing a particular level you will automatically be entered into a new level. The graphics might not be completely accepted but it still has its place as one of the best java action shooting games.

3: Assault Team 3D

Assault Team 3D

Uncover an unreal action in this first-person shooter action-adventure game. Players in this game are deployed to war-torn areas populated by terrorists. You to take down each armed faction as they come your way. The design of the game, aesthetics, and gameplay of the game is boring and sick.

Even though the game is 2D, it still has some 3D elements. Assault Team 3D was one of the best shooters back in the day for java phones.


4: Modern Combat 2 Black Pegasus

Modern Combat 2 Black Pegasus

Modern Combat 2 Black Pegasus, brings you into a new form of action, where shooting is the only way out to achieve your goal. Different missions of the game take you to different cities and locations, difficulty, and objective. Arkin, a dreaded terrorist gang leader is believed to be preparing a WMD. Your team is sent to infiltrate and eliminate Arkin and his men.

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Players can pick grenades and guns along the way as they play the game. The graphics, story, and gameplay of this game is wonderful for a low-end java device. Modern Combat 2 Black Pegasus was developed by Gameloft.


5: Alien Shooter Para

Alien Shooter Para

Alien Shooter Para is one of the few alien shooting java games on this list. Discover a 3D shooter experience in this action-adventure mobile game. In this game, you are to battle savage and monstrous aliens in a 3D fashion. The graphics of the game is somewhat elusive but the gameplay is nice

The player handles a machine gun and rapidly fires at incoming aliens. The game is best suited for the Nokia C3, Asha 200, and Asha 202 devices

6: Rambo


Rambo java game is another action shooting game that will be making my list. In a far remote village, Rambo is sent to rescue hostages held by heavily armed terrorists. You’re to kill every enemy and destroy Al enemy facilities in this action game.


Rambo uses different firearms for battle. The soundtrack of the game, design, and gameplay is moderate for a java phone.

7: Contra 4

Contra 4

For java phones, Contra 4 was among the best action java shooting games. The comes with one of the best stories you can ever think of for a java phone. The era of peace seemed to be far gone as aliens from the Black viper descend from Mars to earth making the earth a living hell. Man’s last hope for survival is in the few best earth soldiers.

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You are chosen to be man’s last hope for survival. You are to eliminate each enemy unit along with their bosses and then destroy Black Viper the alien kingpin. You can shoot using different bullets collected from the flying eagle badge.

8: Counter Terrorism

Counter Terrorism

Counter-Terrorism is a 2D shooting game. Players are to eliminate all the terrorists in each mission to progress to another level. Just like most java games, the controls in this game is intuitive. The sound is nice but you will be experiencing some defects in the graphics and aesthetics.

The game is available for Nokia java, itel, Tecno etc. Get the file below.

9: Ace Special Force 5

Ace Special Force 5

Ace Special Force 5 is a tactical shooting game made for java mobile. The can is perfect on devices with 240×320 screen resolution like Nokia 2700 and Nokia XpressMusic. The graphics of the game is fair, sound quality, and gameplay is moderate.

10: Gangstar 2: Kings of LA

Gangstar 2: Kings of LA

Gangstar 2: Kings of LA is an open-world shooting game developed by Gameloft. As one of the few open-world games for java, it comes with some fascinating and unreal features a java game can bring. You can move around to any city, suburb, or location of your choice through a car, jet ski, or helicopter. You can also choose from a wide range of weapons for battle. Medkits, body armor, and weapons can be picked at any point in the game.

When out of a weapon, you can attack using your fist. Since the city is filled with crime, you will have to fight against a lot of gangs to establish yourself as the leader in Los Angeles.


That’s all on some of the top java shooting games that were irresistible to play during the keypad device era. If you want to play any on your device, you can just make use of the download button provided below each game.


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