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Electron Dash Unblocked Game 66 – Play Online For Free

Electron Dash unblocked game is one of the interesting games for those who have the passion of exploring the universe. The game is mostly played in school and at work, when you look bored and down, you can play this game to keep you company.

In the game, you play as an astronaut. The goal of the game is to avoid obstacles and earn the highest possible score. Try avoiding the hazards on the way while going through the beautiful blue tunnel, and reach the end of every level without running into any obstacle.

There are some red obstacles that act like an electric shock in the game. The game has provided you with three hearts which represents your life and you can also pick other red heart on the way to stay long in the game. If you run into any of the red obstacles or fall out of the tunnel into the dark space universe you lose a life and start again with the remaining life.

Once you lose the game thrice without picking any red hearts or reaching the end of the level, you will have to start the game all over again. The game gets tough and interesting as you proceed to other levels.

Electron Dash unblocked game is a fun but challenging game that is enjoyed by thousands of players. In the game, you must pay close attention so you can avoid dangerous obstacles along the way. Quickly click on the play button below to give it a try.

How to play Electron Dash unblocked game

To play the game without running into any obstacles that will lead to loss, and starting all over again, you have to follow the tips below.

  • First, click on the provided button above ” Play Electron Dash now!”
  • Load the game and tap on the Play button to start the game
  • Use the right arrow key to move the character right and use the left arrow key to move the character to the left
  • Use the space bar to jump the space created in the tunnel to avoid falling out into the dark sky
  • Try as much as you can to avoid every obstacle that comes your way

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