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If you’re a fan of adrenaline-packed games and love to feel the rush of the wind in your face, then you should definitely try out Extreme Bikers – an unblocked game that will have you on the edge of your seat!


In Extreme Bikers, you get to race through various challenging terrains, such as mountains and deserts, on a powerful motorbike. The game is loaded with exciting levels that will put your skills to the test. You must manoeuvre through challenging obstacles and perform sick stunts to earn points.

The interesting thing about Extreme Bikers is that it is unblocked, which means you can play it at school or any other location where games are typically blocked. So, you can have some fun during your free time without worrying about restrictions.

This game is perfect for anyone who loves action-packed adventures and has a competitive streak. It’s easy to learn, but challenging enough to keep you engaged for hours. And I want to let you know that if you keep on striving to beat your high score, you’ll eventually become a pro at it.


So, if you’re looking for some excitement and a fun way to pass the time, give Extreme Bikers a try!

How to play Extreme Bikers unblocked game

Use the steps below to enjoy a smooth gameplay.

  • First, click on the Play button above
  • Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to control your biker
  • Your goal is to navigate through a series of obstacles and reach the finish line as quickly as possible
  • Use the up arrow key to accelerate, the down arrow key to brake, and the left and right arrow keys to steer your biker left and right
  • Collect coins along the way, which can be used to unlock new bikes or upgrades for your current bike
  • Make sure to avoid obstacles and stay on the track to avoid crashing
  • Keep playing to improve your time and become a master of Extreme Bikers!

That’s everything thing you should know about Extreme Bikers, have fun. If you happen to come across any difficulty while playing the game, don’t hesitate to drop your question in the comment section as I will be happy to help.


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