How to increase your Telegram channel subscribers

How To Boost Or Increase Your Telegram Channel Subscribers Upto 1K For Free Using This App

Creating a Telegram channel is pretty easy and quick, but how to increase, boost or grow your subscribers to a large audience is very difficult.

We all know how pivotal it is to have a large audience or fan base on social media. Most online businesses now create pages, channels, etc, on social media to sell their products online, advertise, and as well interact with their customers.

Although Telegram may not be as popular as Facebook, WhatsApp, and the likes, it is one fast-growing social media platform in the world. Messages on the platform are heavily encrypted with utmost security. Due to its fast growth and popularity, a lot of businesses are now using it as a medium to engage with their customers or users.

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Unlike Facebook, one can easily get hundreds of members within a few hours to days after creating a new page since people tend to have lots of friends, people, and engagements on the platform. But that of telegram is quite different and could stand as a challenge for anyone.

And if you are willing to promote your Telegram channel, then you will have to pay a lot of money to increase your telegram channel subscribers.

For those who just created a new Telegram channel and don’t have money to promote their channel on Facebook or on other telegram channels with large members then this post is for you.

This post will fully cover all your wants on how to boost or increase your telegram channel for free.

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How to increase your Telegram channel subscribers for free with this Telegram channel booster app

To achieve our motive, I will be introducing you to an app called Membersgram. the app is all you need to boost your telegram channel subscribers for free.

The method I will be using will let you add as many subscribers as you like to your Telegram channel for free. The processes are simple.

For us to get the ball rolling, quickly download Membersgram from the Google Play store. This will be the app that I will be using to show you how to add more subscribers to our Telegram channel.

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After downloading the app, open the application and sign up using your real Telegram details. You will be sent a verification code which you will need to go to your official Telegram app and get the code. Copy and paste the code for verification.

After verification and a confirmed subscription, you will be given 30 coins as a sign-up bonus. The app uses coins to trade for Telegram channel subscribers.

Now to increase your coins, you will need to perform little tasks by joining channels on telegram via the app. You get rewarded 2 coins for successfully joining a channel.

When your coin reaches 100, you can use it to buy 30 Telegram channel subscribers. That is, 100 coins = 30 subscribers.
Keep joining the channels to continue getting more coins and exchanging them for subscribers.

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NB: Based on my discovery, not all subscribers given by the app are real human subscribers. Some are bot subscribers. So keep this in memory!

Can I Add An Unlimited Number Of Subscribers?

Yes. You can use the app to add lots of and an unlimited number of subscribers to your telegram channel.


I believe you must have learned how you can boost your telegram channel subscribers for free using the Membersgram app. For additional queries, let hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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