9mobile 150mb free daily browsing

    These days, free browsing cheats are somewhat scarce. If one manages to surface, it quickly gets blocked by the ISPs. In this guide I will be showing you the new and latest Stark VPN free daily 150MB cheat on 9Mobile.

    As the name implies “free”, you don’t need to pay a dime to enjoy the data, all you need do is just to follow the layed down guide in this post accordingly.

    Most of us who follow this blog time to time should be aware about how these free browsing cheats work. They are powered by VPNs, and so need certain VPNs and configurations to work.

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    Without talking much, lets quickly proceed to how we can activate the 9mobile 150MB daily free browsing cheat via Stark VPN.

    Requirements For The Cheat

    • A 9Mobile SIM with 0.0 data balance so that it won’t conflict with your data when browsing
    • Stark VPN Reloaded VPN [Download Stark VPN here]
    • An android phone. Not for iOS users
    • A good 3G/4G network coverage

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    Stark VPN Settings On How To Activate The 9Mobile 150MB Cheat

    After downloading the Stark VPN on Google Play Store, quickly open the VPN and configure it as follows;

    Tap on the option button on the top left corner of the app. Scroll down and click Update Tweaks.

    After that, your tweaks should be updated successfully.

    NB: For your tweaks to be updated successfully, you need to have a little data balance on your SIM.

    After updating the tweaks, go back to the homepage and click on the Tweaks button.

    Scroll and select NG – 9Mobile 150MB Daily or NG – 9Mobile 150MB Daily 2.

    Both tweaks perform same function, so you can choose any. Don’t worry about the location as it will be selected automatically.

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    After selecting any of the 9Mobile tweaks, tap on the big red power button and wait for it to connect.

    Within few seconds it should connect. Once it connects, minimize and enjoy your free 150MB.

    If it doesn’t connect immediately, turn on/off airplane mode and then reconnect.


    • The data isn’t unlimited, but capped at 150MB
    • The 150MB doesn’t rollover to the next day if unused. If you fail to use it for the day, it expires for that day. Everyday comes with a unique 150MB, so make the most out of it.

    Please share and don’t forget to drop your feedbacks below.

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