Free Java games download for keypad mobile

50 Best Free Java Games Download For Keypad Mobile (jar Games)


Are you a retro gamer and want to get your fingers running again for some retro Java games? In my article today, I have provided the 50 best free Java games that you can download and play on your keypad mobile devices and possibly on your Android device. You can check this to see how to play Java games on Android.


Also in this post, you will be getting Nokia java games, Samsung java games, itel java games, Motorola java games, SonyEricsson java games, LG java games, etc., from top java game publishers like Gameloft, Electronic Arts, Konami, Net Lizard, Glu Mobile, and many others.

In addition, these free Java games are available for different mobile screen sizes like;

  • 128×128
  • 128×160
  • 132×176
  • 176×208
  • 176×220
  • 208×208
  • 240×320
  • 352×416
  • 130×130 (Siemens)
  • 220×176 (Samsung)
  • 220×220 (Samsung)
  • 240×400 (LG & Samsung & Nokia & SE)
  • 240×432 (Sony Ericsson Aino)
  • 320×240 (Nokia S40 & S60)
  • 640×360 (Nokia & Sony Ericsson)
  • 800×345 (LG BL40)
  • 800×480 (SE XPERIA)

Let’s now have a preview of these free jar games for keypad mobile.


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Java games download list

1: Spiderman Man: Toxic City

Spiderman Man: Toxic City

Spiderman Man: Toxic City is a mobile action game developed by Gameloft in 2009. The game walks you through the story of Peter Parker with his girlfriend Mary Jane, and his struggle against the Green Goblin, Rhino and other antagonists in the game.

Toxic City can be played on all java supported Nokia devices like Asha, 2700, etc, along with other Java phones. The game fits perfectly for the 240×320 jar screen size.


2: Assassins Creed – Brotherhood

Assassins Creed – Brotherhood

Enjoy the best gaming experience a java game can offer in this thrilling-adventure game by Gameloft. Assassins Creed – Brotherhood focuses on Ezio, the protagonist who must assassinate high-profile targets like Cesare Borgia, Romulus, Lucrezia Borgia, and others to end the evil dominance of the Templars in Italy.

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Players are to guide Ezio throughout the campaign as he tries to accomplish his mission. The game was released in 2010 by Gameloft and is available for Keypad-based/touchscreen mobile phones. (Nokia, Samsung, Tecno, LG, Motorola).


3: Diamond Rush

Diamond Rush

Diamond Rush is an action and puzzle-solving game where the player finds himself in a bavarian castle dungeon, looking for keys and routes to escape the mysterious temple. This game’s features vary according to phone model. However, it works best on Nokia Asha, Nokia C3, most Samsung and LG java supported devices, and some itel and Tecno java phones.

This free java game comes pre-installed on some java phones, however, if yours doesn’t have one, you can download the game below and enjoy it.

4: Bounce Tales

Bounce Tales

Bounce Tales java is one of the oldest and most adventurous mobile game. The game uncovers the story of Bounce in the fairy tale Bean Land. On a very special day, the colors of the earth started to fade and living things in the land was nowhere to be found. Bounce in confusion decides to investigate the situation only to discover a weird machine was sucking the colors of the summer. After stopping the machine, more enemies are now causing chaos in Bean Land.


Stop these bad guys and restore the once beautiful colors of Bean Land.

5: Real Football 2012

Real Football 2012

Real Football 2012 is one of the best football Gameloft games for Asha 200. In this game, you will discover some of the best football features you can ever think of for a java game. There is a quick match, competition modes like league competitions, tournaments, become a legend, training mode, and not to forget a multiplayer mode where you can play multiplayer with friends via Bluetooth.

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Real Football 2012 java game works best on the 320×240 screen size and can be downloaded from java games sites like Waptrick, Phoneky, and Dedomil. Download the game below to enjoy.

6: Spiderman 3

Spiderman 3

Spiderman 3 java game is among one of the best java games you should retry playing. Just like every other Spiderman game series, Peter Parker is the protagonist. His duty in this game is to defeat the Green Goblin, Sandman, and Venom (Eddie Brock). Peter must also protect his girlfriend Jane from enemies.

Spiderman 3 allows the player to appear in a black and red suit at different levels of the game. You can apply several tricks like web-sling, and pile-driver to kill your enemies. The game is supported for many mobile screen sizes like 240×320 and also runs on a good number of java devices. Download the game below.

7: Gangstar: Crime City

Gangstar: Crime City

Gangstar: Crime City is one of the few open-world games for java mobile. Just as the name implies, the city of Los Angeles and Miami is filled with notorious gangs. Your duty in this game is to eliminate all the bad guys and their groups and become the king of LA. With mechanics similar to the popular Grand Theft Auto games, you will definitely enjoy every bit of action in this electrifying action shooter java game.

Gangstar: Crime City runs smoothly on most java phones and displays perfectly in 240×320 screen size.

8: Asphalt: Urban GT 2

Asphalt: Urban GT 2

The ultimate racing game makes a roaring comeback. This time you gonna be entering into an epic driving competition with the elite racers in the city. You must finish first to claim the golden prize and rake up the best score for yourself. The gameplay in this game is electrifying along with decent soundtracks. You can race with a bike or car in the game

There is an Instant Play mode in the game which allow you to enter quick races and Arcade mode where you will begin your career in the game.

9: Pro Evolution Soccer 2010

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010

Often abbreviated as PES 2010, this game comes with some cool features. Its gameplay style is quite different from Gameloft’s Real Football. PES 2010 introduces more realistic gameplay than any other java football game.

You can score jaw-dropping goals like curlers in this game. There’s a UEFA champions and Europa league mode, leagues cups and competitions, national tournaments, and instant matches. This game works very well on Nokia 2700, Nokia Xpressmusic, and other java phones with 240×320 screen display.

10: Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

Modern Combat 4: Zero hour is a 2013 action game developed and published by Gameloft. Terrorists have taken some world leaders hostage and hit the United States with nukes. Your team is sent on a mission to rescue the hostages and eliminate the man responsible for all these mass sufferings.

The game provides you with powerful assault rifles and grenades. Complete your sole mission in the game to receive a medal of honor.

11: NBA Live 2010

NBA Live 2010

NBA Live 2010 is a basketball game made exclusively for keypad-based mobile phones. The game was published by EA in 2010. NBA Live 2010 delivers the best realistic five-a-side basketball experience. With 82 seasons in this game, you are sure to have lengthy and addictive gameplay all along as you play this game from 30 licensed teams.

Perform insane tricks and slam dunks to beat your opponents in NBA competitions.

12: Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 is arguably the best fighting game for java mobile. The game was published by EA. This insane arcade fighting game comes with several playable modes. To begin your destiny, choose your favorite character from the list of MK heroes like Lui Kang, Sub Zero, Scorpion, Kitana, Sonya, and Cyrax. Shao Kahn the supreme antagonist can be unlocked when your defeat all fighters in the Difficulty level.

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Each MK hero has unique abilities capable of stunning enemies. Use yours skillfully to beat your opponents and bring an end to Shao Kahn’s dominance.

13: Mission Impossible 3

Mission Impossible 3

Mission Impossible 3 is a 2009 action shooter java game by Gameloft. You’re to play this game as Ethan Hunt, the famous Mission Impossible series character. Battle your way through the enormous hordes of enemies stationed at every position in the game and solve technical puzzles to succeed in your mission in this game.

Mission Impossible 3 java game can be downloaded for both the 240×320, 128×160, and other jar screen sizes. For those who might want cheats in the game – Press *#7913# while in the menu to apply cheats to the Mission Impossible 3 java game.

14: Assassin’s Creed III

Assassin's Creed III

This list would be incomplete if this jar game isn’t included. The game’s story is tied around the Mohawk Assassin Connor during the American civil war era. Players are to control Connor as he engages in deadly battles with enemies. The player uses flintlock pistols, bow, tomahawk, and muskets for combat.

The gaming experience in this 2D java game is wonderful. Just download the game below and enjoy.

15: Real Football 2010

Real Football 2010

Real Football 2010 is one of Gameloft’s finest football games for keypad-based mobile phones. One notable feature of this free java game was the multiplayer mode. You can connect with your friends via Bluetooth and play this game. In addition, there are lots of exhilarating features possessed by this game that makes it very unique.

In this game, you will find many old football players like Drogba, Gerrard, Lampard, Henry, Essien, David Villa, Totti, Cech, Edwin van der Sar, and many more.

All screen sizes are supported in this game, and you can play it on your Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, LG, or SonyEricsson keypad mobile device.

16: WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010 3D

WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010 3D

WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010 3D is a 3D fighting platform game by THQ. The game uses 3D to offer you the most realistic graphics of a java game. You can choose from your favorite fighters like John Cena, Edge, Rey Mysterio, The Undertaker, and many others.

Several WWE fighting events like SummerSlam, No Way Out, and WrestleMania are also included in this epic fighting jar game. Play now for free.

Continued list of free Java games download (jar games)

  1. Real Football 2016 [Download here]
  2. Gangstar Rio: City of Saints [Download here]
  3. Mortal Kombat 3D [Download here]
  4. Bourne Conspiracy [Download here]
  5. Power Rangers Mystic Force [Download here]
  6. Hero of Sparta [Download here]
  7. WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2009 [Download here]
  8. The Avengers – The Mobile Game [Download here]
  9. Assassin’s Creed HD [Download here]
  10. Tomb Raider: Underworld [Download here]
  11. Modern Combat: 2 Black Pegasus [Download here]
  12. Beowulf [Download here]
  13. A Good Day to Die Hard [Download here]
  14. Gangstar 2: Kings of L.A. [Download here]
  15. Sonic Runners Adventure [Download here]
  16. PES 2009 (Pro Evolution Soccer) [Download here]
  17. Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands [Download here]
  18. Iron Man 3 [Download here]
  19. FIFA 2016 [Download here]
  20. Splinter Cell: Conviction [Download here]
  21. The Amazing Spider-Man [Download here]
  22. Assassin’s Creed: Revelations [Download here]
  23. God of War Betrayed [Download here]
  24. Super Mario Bros [Download here]
  25. Assassin’s Creed 2 [Download here]
  26. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier [Download here]
  27. Men in Black 3 [Download here]
  28. Miami Nights: Singles in the City [Download here]
  29. N.O.V.A. 3 (Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance) [Download here]
  30. 3D Contr Terrorism [Download here]
  31. Superman&Batman: Heroes United [Download here]
  32. Contra 4 [Download here]
  33. Xtreme Dirt Bike (Off-Road: Dirt Motocross) [Download here]
  34. Devil May Cry 4 [Download here]


Pick from the wide range of free java games provided in this post and have a retro of how these old platform or keypad-based mobile phone games were. Whether you’re using a Nokia, LG, Samsung, or Motorola device, you can still run these J2ME games provided your device is java powered.

If you don’t own any of these devices again, you can check above to see how you can play java games on android using the J2ME emulator for android. Enjoy and have fun.


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