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Java Football Games Free Download For Java Phones 2023


While Java football games are more or less obsolete in the current system, their mark still remains. Playing such retro games is one way to bring back those fascinating memories the games once had. They were numerous football games then for mobile with Gameloft’s – Real Football series, Konomi’s – PES series, and EA’s – FIFA series, as the top most played.


Below, you will find some of the top and most interesting Java football games to play for free on any Java-supported keypad-based devices like Nokia, Tecno, Itel, Samsung, Motorola, etc.

Note: The games are available for all Java phone screen sizes (128×128, 128×160, 176×208, 176×220, 240×320, 240×400, 240×432, 320×240, 320×480, 360×640, 480×800) so you do not need to worry about your screen size, all you have to do right now is to scroll down and pick from any of these listed games, download and start gaming!

If you currently do not own a Java phone, you can check out this guide on how to play Java games on Android.


Some top Java football games worth playing again

1: Real Football 2010

Personally, RF 2010 was my best football game, and that’s why am making it the first game in this compilation.

Real Football 2010 was a popular football simulation game developed by Gameloft. It offers an immersive and realistic gaming experience for football enthusiasts. As a player, you have the opportunity to manage and control your own football team, competing in various leagues and tournaments.


A multiplayer mode is available in the game. Download below for free.

2: Real Football 2012

Real Football 2012 is another fantastic football simulation game developed by Gameloft. Let me give you some information about this game.

Real Football 2012 takes the football experience to the next level with improved graphics, enhanced gameplay, and a multitude of new features. As the manager of your own team, you have even more control and opportunities to lead your squad to victory.


Real Football 2012 also have a multiplayer mode where you can connect and play the game via Bluetooth with friends.

Former Spanish striker David Villa is the cover art of the game.

3: PES 2011

PES 2011 (Pro Evolution Soccer) is a Java-based football simulation game developed by Konami. Despite being a Java game, it still delivers an enjoyable and engaging football experience.


PES 2011 Java game aims to provide a realistic football experience. It offers smooth controls, responsive player movements, and accurate ball, allowing you to execute your strategies and skills effectively on the pitch.

4: FIFA 2016

FIFA 2016 is a Java-based football simulation game developed by EA Sports. It aims to offer a realistic and immersive football experience on your mobile device.

The game offers various game modes to cater to different preferences. You can play friendly matches to test your skills, compete in league competitions to secure the top spot or participate in cup tournaments to experience the thrill of knockout football.


5: Football Championship

Football Championship, the ultimate Java game for football enthusiasts! Step into the shoes of a football manager and lead your team to victory in this thrilling championship.

As a manager, you have access to build your team to your test, set formation, select players, buy and sell players, train your team to be the most rated team and compete against other teams. The aim of the game is to build the strongest football team and make sure to win the football championship tournament.

6: Real Football 2016

Real Football is one of the most rated and popular Java football games and also the simplest to play. Play against any team of your choice, the interesting thing is that you can reduce the difficulty to the simplest or anyone you know you can play very well.

The game has many options such as leagues, Become a Pro, Exhibition etc. The aim of the game is to pick a team and compete against the opposing team, which will also be picked by you. Download the game below and start playing.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 also known as PES 2010 is another Java football game for football lovers. This game is more realistic than the real football game and also more challenging. Just like in a real football game, you choose both your team and the opposite team you are willing to play with.

Make sure to win else you lose a tournament. Try scoring more goals than your opponent’s team to win the game. The game also features other competition moods. Download and test your ability.

8: FIFA 10

FIFA 10 is a fantastic football game that was released in 2009 by EA Sports. With its Java version, you can enjoy the excitement and thrill of football right on your mobile device. Whether you are a football fan or just someone looking for some casual gaming fun, FIFA 10 has got you covered.

One great aspect of FIFA 10 Java is its wide range of game modes. Whether you prefer a quick match or a full-fledged tournament, the game offers various options to cater to different preferences. You can choose from popular leagues and teams from around the world, or even create your own dream team to compete against other players.

9: Ultimate Street Football

Ultimate Street Football is a Java game that takes the beautiful game of football to the streets. If you’re a fan of street football or looking for a unique and thrilling gaming experience, then this game is perfect for you.

One of the standout features of Ultimate Street Football Java is its fast-paced and dynamic gameplay. Unlike traditional football games, this game focuses on small-sided matches played in unconventional locations like rooftops, alleys, and even parking lots. It brings a whole new level of excitement and intensity to the game.

10 Dynamite Pro Football

Dynamite Pro Football is a Java game that brings the intensity and excitement of American football to your mobile device. If you’re a fan of football and crave an immersive gaming experience, then this game is right up your alley.

In Dynamite Pro Football, you have the opportunity to build and customize your own team from scratch. You can recruit talented players, train them to improve their skills and equip them with various gear to enhance their performance on the field. It’s all about creating a winning squad that can dominate the competition.

11: Football Tycoon

Football Tycoon is a captivating Java football game that puts you in the shoes of a football club owner. As the master minder behind the team, you’ll have the opportunity to turn your club into a powerhouse and conquer the footballing world.

In Football Tycoon Java, your main objective is to manage all aspects of the football club, from player transfers and contract negotiations to stadium upgrades and fan engagement. You’ll need to make wise decisions and use your resources effectively to build a successful and financially stable club.

More Java football games

Some other interesting Java football games are listed below for you to download.

Check out other Java games below


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