Home Tech information How to Improve Wireless Network: WIFI Signal Range and Strength

How to Improve Wireless Network: WIFI Signal Range and Strength

How to Improve Wireless Network: WIFI Signal Range and Strength

Even if you have selected the best internet provider, chances are you might face some difficulties in availing of uniform Wi-Fi signal throughout your house. 

WiFi signal is very important to ensure uninterrupted connectivity. Moving away from the router often means a drop in the service. Moving away from the signals means you enter the dark zone of no Wi-Fi at all. In such situations, you may often find yourself wondering if there is any way you could boost the signals. 

Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks you can use to enhance your wireless experience. 

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Ways to improve WIFI signal and strength

1: Move the Position of Your Router to Boost the Signals

The strength of your wireless network depends a great deal on where you have placed it in your house. For instance, moving it under the stairs can create a serious drop in signals if you move away from the router. Similarly, putting it in the cupboard or in a crowded space can affect your reach. 

One of the best places to keep your router is in the hallway or open area that forms the central area of your house. Move your router to a clutter-free location that is away from any large object that could block the signals. You can also consider using a longer cable if you are considering moving your router. 

Consider shifting to a Wireless Mesh for greater coverage

Wireless mesh is an excellent answer to your worries about getting better internet coverage. A Wi-Fi mesh uses more than one device to give you consistent signal coverage in your entire home. You can enjoy greater and uniform coverage if you decide to use a mesh.

It works on the principle of a unified device in contrast to a Wi-Fi signal extender. Mesh technology has been widely used in malls, events or any place that covers a larger area. But in recent years it has entered our home to offer its great services. 

The networks that exist in the mesh are easier to extend. And boost. These devices connect almost instantly and provide greater services right away. Ultimately, this is an excellent choice to end your signal problems. 

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Upgrade your antennas and Wi-Fi receivers

One of the easiest ways to ensure uninterrupted connectivity is to ensure that your devices are consciously updated and upgraded. Your router contains an antenna that broadcasts Wi-Fi signals to all the areas of your home. You should consider using 802.11ac in the process of upgrading your antenna. 

There are apparent results and benefits when you upgrade antennas. It not only increases your broadcast range but provides an instant boost to your connectivity. Let’s accept that boosting signals from a single router sounds very fascinating. Moreover, it increases the overall efficiency of your device and your network.

2: Upgrade the Firmware of your Router

One of the most damaging things for your Wi-Fi is an outdated router that in turn becomes faulty if not updated regularly. This also makes your device more prone to cyber-attacks. Router updates usually come infrequently. 

However, it is always helpful to bear in mind to update your router as soon as an update is released. The latest version of updates not only secures your device but also fixes any bugs. This can ultimately resolve any signal issue you have been facing earlier. 

The process of updating the firmware is fairly easy. Simply look for your router model and look for any update that might be available. Once you click “install,” you are ready to start. 

3: Try Changing Your Wi-Fi Channel

Your Wi-Fi signal is also dependent on the channel your router uses for the Wi-Fi. Usually, routers operate on two bands: 2.5 and 5GHz. There are multiple channels between these two bands that you can select from. This method might sound hit and trial, but you can change and stick to the band that gives you the maximum boost. 

Changing the channel also reduces the interference in the signals that may be there earlier. If you invest a little more and choose a 6 GHz Wi-Fi, you might be the only person using it. Thus, you can have the maximum signals. Otherwise, you can try changing the channels like you do on a radio to get a better outcome. 

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Bottom Line

Dropping Wi-Fi signals can be very frustrating and cause immense trouble if you are solely dependent on your signals for connectivity. You can try any of the above solutions to increase your range and reduce your struggle. Using these simple tricks can ensure you have ample connectivity whether you are in your garden, kitchen or even your basement. So don’t sit around struggling and start implementing these tricks to make your life easier. 


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