How to find/retrieve your Google Saved Passwords

How To Find/Retrieve Your Google Saved Passwords


Hello guys! I will be showing you how to find/retrieve your Google Saved Passwords in this article. Most of us usually saved our application/site password to Google so as to remember the password the next time we try to log in. But while trying to log in next time, you notice you do not know how to access the exact place the password was saved to. If you are encountering this problem, then you are at the right place to get solutions to your problems. So all you have to do is read carefully so you would understand the whole thing.


Forgetting your passwords can be very painful, therefore I would recommend you start saving your passwords to Google. Saving your application passwords and many other passwords to Google is a good idea because you can simply recover all your lost passwords in a few seconds. So if you have not been saving your passwords to Google you have to start doing that so you lost your passwords anymore.

Steps to access your Google Saved Passwords

I would be providing you with all the necessary steps to access your saved passwords on Google. Either with your mobile phone or your PC/laptop. To access your Google Saved Passwords is simple, follow the steps provided below.

  • Firstly, get your device and open the Chrome application
  • Click on the three-dot at the top right corner of the application
  • Scroll down and select settings
  • Immediately after that, scroll down and click on password manager
  • There you will see the full list of your Google Saved Passwords
  • You can use the search button to search for the particular password you are looking for quicker access
  • You can also add a Google password manager to your home screen for an easy access next time, You can do that just by clicking on the add shortcut located above the password.

That’s everything you should know about your Google Saved Passwords. So if you where looking for a way to retrieve your saved passwords from Google, then I am sure you should know how to get that done immediately after reading this article. If you have any questions do not hesitate to drop it in the comments section.


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