Latest free browsing cheats VPNs

Latest Free Browsing Cheat VPNs 2021


Most or virtually all the free browsing cheats I post in this blog are aided or powered by VPNs. Without these VPNs, you won’t be able to enjoy free browsing cheats, so in this guide, you will be knowing some of the best and latest free browsing cheat VPNs.

The essence of these VPNs is to enable us to bypass network firewalls and enjoy some cheap and free browsing cheats. These VPNs are used to circumvent the system. Hence allowing us to enjoy some of the data we should or have been paying for.

Depending on the cheat or network, you might need a special VPN to help you attain your objectives. Although some of these VPNs have different tweaks and servers that help you enjoy free browsing irrespective of the cheat or network.

Some of these VPNs are paid. By paid I mean they are premium VPNs where you pay money to enjoy their free browsing cheats.


But the VPNs that I will be sharing here to enable you to enjoy free browsing are essentially free to use.

Below are some of the latest free browsing cheat VPNs that work for all networks be it MTN, Airtel, 9Mobile, and Glo.

Latest Free Browsing Cheat VPNs For All Networks 2021: MTN, Airtel, 9Mobile And Glo

Free Browsing Cheat VPNsWhere To Download
Stark VPN ReloadedInstall Stark VPN here
Anonytun VPNInstall Anonytun VPN here
Anonytun VPN BlackInstall Anonytun VPN Black here
Combo VPNInstall Combo VPN here
Psiphon Pro VPNInstall Psiphon Pro VPN here
EC Tunnel VPNInstall EC Tunnel VPN here
24Clan VPNInstall 24Clan VPN here
Samsung Max VPNInstall Samsung Max VPN here
HTTP InjectorInstall HTTP Injector VPN here
Tweakware VPNInstall Tweakware VPN here
Techoragon VPN LiteInstall Techoragon VPN Lite here
HA Tunnel PlusInstall HA Tunnel Plus VPN here

The above-mentioned VPNs are a few among the free browsing cheat VPNs. The ones selected are the ones I mostly use in setting up the cheats that we use.


Note that downloading any of these VPNs doesn’t mean you will automatically start browsing for free. If you have been following this blog regularly, you will notice that each free browsing cheat make use of its settings and also, the VPN cheat settings for a particular network differs from network to network.

For example, the free browsing VPN settings for MTN will not be the same as Airtel or other networks. So when you download any of the above-listed VPNs, make sure you check our posts in this blog to know the latest free browsing cheats for each VPNs.

Which VPN Gives Free Data In Nigeria?

Depending on the settings that is used to power the cheat, any VPN could give you free data, it just depends on the settings used. Although some of these free browsing cheats VPNs are coined through certain data that might not let you browse like your normal data.


But with some configurations from these VPNs, you can use the data to browse and power all apps. I.e. The Airtel social bundle plan gives you 500MB for 100, but with special settings from the Anonytun VPN, you can use the 500MB social bundle data that was only meant to be used on social media to browse, download etc. You can check that in this post here.

Free Browsing VPN For MTN

There are a lot of free browsing VPNs that are available for MTN. Some of the free browsing VPNs for MTN are Samsung Max VPN, Stark VPN Reloaded, Techoragon VPN Lite etc.

Note that you need special settings to browse with the VPN for free on MTN.


How To Browse Free On MTN

Creating free browsing cheats on MTN is somewhat difficult as nothing good comes easy. But most times, when these cheats finally surface online, it quickly gets reported and blocked by ISPs. This now makes free browsing difficult.

However, you can still check out some of the free browsing VPNs that are still available for MTN, where you can browse for free.

Free Browsing Cheat VPNs For Airtel

There are a lot of free browsing cheat VPNs still working actively on the Airtel network. You can check out some of them here. These are some of the free browsing cheat VPNs on Airtel. They are Combo VPN, Anonytun VPN, EC Tunnel VPN, HTTP Injector, HA Tunnel Plus VPN etc.


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Some of the Airtel free browsing cheats require certain conditions to be met before activating them.

Free Browsing Cheat For Glo

Some of the free browsing cheat VPNs for Glo are Psiphon Pro VPN, 24Clan VPN Lite, EC Tunnel VPN, Techoragon VPN Lite etc.

You can still check out some of the Glo free browsing cheats on our blog.

Free Browsing Cheat VPNs For 9Mobile

Below are some of the free browsing VPNs for Airtel. Stark VPN Reloaded, EC Tunnel VPN, HA Tunnel Plus VPN, 24Clan VPN Lite etc.

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You can still check out some of the 9Mobile free browsing cheats on our blog.

Can I Have An Unlimited Cheat On All Networks

Having unlimited data that makes you browse as you like is usually short-lived when its surfaces. It rarely comes but quickly goes.

That’s why we advise all our users to be following this blog steadily as we drop unlimited free browsing cheat data as soon as they surface.

That’s all on the latest VPNs that give free browsing cheats on all networks.


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