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Video Panda Compressor App Download – Compress and Resize all Your Videos Without Losing Quality

Resize and compress videos

These days, getting an effective and reliable app where you can easily compress and resize all your videos without dropping or reducing the video quality is uncommon.

Most video compressor apps on Google Play Store usually profess to help you trim or convert your videos into smaller sizes as well as retaining the quality. But apparently, most of the apps usually fail the test.

Looking at it, most people have large-sized videos on their phones. And as you know, large files quickly eat up a phone’s storage, so having an effective app that can help you resize some of those videos is crucial.

Resizing or trimming a video with large file size to a small size without losing the video quality is something few or only premium apps can do, as that is an essential service.

But in this post, you will be uncovering an easy and free method where you can easily compress, resize or trim all your videos without losing the quality of the video.

To achieve our objective, I will be Introducing or making use of a one, and multi-purpose app called Video Panda Compressor.

With Video Panda Compressor, you can compress and resize any movie, HD, or MP4 quality videos into smaller sizes without losing the quality of the videos.

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About Video Panda Compressor and Resizer App

The Video Panda Compressor is an all in one app that helps you to easily compress and resize your videos into required sizes. Allows you to choose from various sizes and formats for the video you chose to compress or convert.

Features Video Panda Compressor

  • Compress and resize videos into small sizes
  • Compress video for email format
  • Free and fast in video compression
  • Compress video for easy share on Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, TikTok, Twitter, etc

Where To Download Video Panda Compressor

You can easily get the app by downloading the Video Panda Compressor App here. Read below to see how to set up the Video Panda for easy video compression.

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How To Compress And Resize Your Videos With Video Panda Compressor

To simply compress and resize your videos into chosen sizes with Video Panda Compressor, quickly open the app after installing it from the Play store.

Allow and give permission to the video Panda Compressor app and proceed. Right away from the app menu, you will see all the videos in your phone storage or file directory. Now navigate and select any video you wish to convert and also trim the video size.

After selecting your preferred video, click NEXT. The next page will show up the video size you wish to compress and trim your video into. The sizes available are;

  • Small file ( Easy Share)
  • Medium file (Better Quality)
  • Large file
  • Fit to Facebook messenger
  • Fit to e-mail
  • Custom file size
  • Custom resolution etc.

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Base on your preference, you can choose any. But note that, the higher the quality the higher the video size and vice versa.

After choosing your size, tap on COMPRESS. Immediately the Panda Compressor will begin squeezing your file. After successfully trimming and compressing your file, you will now have to compare the original video file and the compressed one.

After confirming the differences and notices, finally, tap the SAVE button to save the compressed video to your storage.

Now you have successfully compressed and resized your first video. Repeat the step in any video you want to trim and convert.

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Video Formats Supported By Video Panda Compressor

Below are the video formats currently supported by Video Panda Compressor;

  • MP4
  • AVI
  • MKV
  • FLV
  • RMVB
  • 3GP
  • MPEG
  • WMV
  • And MOV

Is The Video Panda Compressor App Available For iOS?

Yes. The Video Panda Compressor app is available for both Android and iOS users, so quickly visit the Apple store and download the app.

Advantages Of Video Panda Compressor

  • Helps you to significantly increase your phone storage through compressing and resizing videos
  • Helps you compress and resize your videos into sharable formats for Facebook, email, WhatsApp, Telegram etc
  • Reduces your data usage

Can I Use The Video Panda Compressor To Compress And Resize Movies?

Irrespective of the video or file size, video Panda Compressor will comfortably handle the task to compress and resize your videos without difficulties and process them in a jiffy. So feel free to use the app.

Is The Video Panda Compressor Free?

Yes. The video Panda Compressor app is free to use. But for an advert-free service and unlimited group compression, you will have to pay a little fee. Other than that, the app is exclusively free to use.

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