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WhatsApp Spy App: Spy On WhatsApp Messages For Free

WhatsApp spy app was created for monitoring or spying on a person’s WhatsApp account. The app is used to spy on WhatsApp messages or check all of a person’s WhatsApp activity without their knowledge.

The WhatsApp spy app helps you to secretly monitor your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s Whatsapp chats, and statuses.

Your child or children in this case aren’t an exception. The WhatsApp spy app can also help you keep track of their online activities on WhatsApp. The WhatsApp spy app can help you monitor or check anybody’s WhatsApp account with the person being unaware of it.

The WhatsApp spy app works on both rooted and non-rooted phones, so no prerequisites are required in that area.

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Features Of The WhatsApp Spy App

Below are some of the basic characteristics of the WhatsApp spy app.

  • Works on both rooted and non-rooted devices
  • Monitors a target’s WhatsApp messages, calls, media, statuses remotely
  • Works on both android and iOS
  • Spies on a person’s WhatsApp messages for free

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Where To Download WhatsApp Spy App For Free

To spy on WhatsApp messages, you need the WhatsApp spy app. Now, to download the WhatsApp spy app, simply visit this link here to install the WhatsApp Spy App from the Google Play store. The WhatsApp spy app installation size is approximately 6.2MB on the Play store.

How To Use WhatsApp Spy App To Spy on WhatsApp Messages

To simply keep track or spy on your boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s, child’s, friend’s or anybody’s WhatsApp messages for free, simply read carefully the WhatsApp spy app settings below to successfully achieve your spy objective.

To do this, simply open the WhatsApp spy app you downloaded from the link above and do the following settings.

Open the app. On the menu, tap on the first button which is Whatsweb or WhatsApp web. Wait for it to load. After loading, your WhatsApp barcode will display there.

Now, take your girlfriend’s/boyfriend’s, child’s or the person’s phone you want to spy or monitor his or her WhatsApp activity.

Open their WhatsApp messenger app. Tap on the options button after the search icon and click on Linked devices. Tap on Link A Device.

You will be asked to put the phone’s fingerprint or password. Quickly do that if you know the person’s password or use your fingerprint if you have registered one on the device.

After putting in the password or fingerprint, tap OK and you will be required to scan a QR code.

Now use the person’s phone to scan the QR barcode that was displayed in the WhatsApp spy app on your phone.

After successfully scanning it, you can now start monitoring or spying on the person’s WhatsApp messages, statuses, and other activities on WhatsApp.


  1. You can only check the target’s WhatsApp activity when they are online on WhatsApp.
  2. Also, you will view the person’s WhatsApp messages or activities using the WhatsApp spy app and not on your WhatsApp application.

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Is The WhatsApp Spy App Free To Use?

Yes. The WhatsApp spy app is absolutely free and easy to use. You don’t need to pay a dime to enjoy the exclusive services offered by the app. All you need to do is just download the app and enjoy it seamlessly.

Can I Use The WhatsApp Spy App To Spy On The Target’s or Person’s WhatsApp Account Remotely Without Their Phone?

Yes. The app is a WhatsApp spy tool that can be used to monitor a person’s WhatsApp account remotely or at a distance. You will only need the person’s or target’s phone once to scan the QR barcode code on your phone’s WhatsApp spy app.

Can I Use The WhatsApp Spy App On iOS?

Yes. You can use the WhatsApp spy app on your iPhone for free as well, as it runs or supports both iOS and Android.

Bottom line

That’s all you need to know about the WhatsApp spy app and also how you can spy on WhatsApp messages of anybody.

Please use for educational purposes only and don’t forget to drop your comments, share and join our Telegram channel.

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